🔥👉 Who will be more fit to wage a war, a bodybuilder trained in the gym or an Indian Pehelwan?

"✅👉 If we are talking about a hand-to-hand combat, then Pehelwan is more fit because of his training in wrestling. If we are talking about a modern warfare, then the bodybuilder is more fit because of his training in the gym."

Mrs. Camylle Kihn IV
Mrs. Camylle Kihn IV

Why are so many US businesses incorporated in Delaware?

Some reasons why so many US businesses are incorporated in Delaware include:
-The state has flexible incorporation laws
-The state has a business-friendly environment
-The state has a well-developed courts system

When is Deidara's birthday?

Deidara's birthday is not currently known.

Where is the origin of the black-coloured people in Brazil?

The origin of the black-coloured people in Brazil is old. They come from the African slaves who were brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

What are some movies you can rewatch over and over again, movies that make you feel good and make you triumph with joy?

-The Shawshank Redemption
- Forrest Gump
- The Dark Knight
- The Godfather
- The Silence of the Lambs

Will upcoding in medical records (a common Medicare Advantage doctor practice) affect premiums for health & life insurance? My doctor billed for autonomic nervous system testing & cessation of smoking counseling. Neither were done & I don’t smoke.

Will upcoding in medical records (a common Medicare Advantage doctor practice) affect premiums for health & life insurance? My doctor billed for autonomic nervous system testing & cessation of smoking counseling. Neither were done & I don’t smoke.?

Powerful 850HP Lamborghini Huracan vs Rolls-Royce Ghost at 170MPH!

How much will insurance cost me? Shes 17 years old, shes never been involved in any car accidents before and we live in FAUQUIER COUNTY virginia.. Will she go through my insurance or get her own?? HELP PLEASE!!! fast!!!

How much will insurance cost me? Shes 17 years old, shes never been involved in any car accidents before and we live in FAUQUIER COUNTY virginia.. Will she go through my insurance or get her own?? HELP PLEASE!!! fast!!!

Where can i get the cheapest insurance quote for a 2004 2.0 Ford focus 3dr Saloon Hatchback without no claims discount?

Polluted Air = Less Dogs?! … Schmmmmm????

I f//k`n hate that as soon as you get on any discussion about INSURANCE it turns into a debate of REPUBLICAN vs DEMOCRATS….as if thats going to solve what all Americans believe is a problem with our HEALTHCARE system ! The facts are – #1 – health care cant be measured as if its some sort of a f//k`n commodity like selling cars because if you sell me a car you can guarantee Ill only have one ( unless im wealthy and buy lots) but ill always be sick ! so I always need HealthCare and the second I die I stop buying it !! This debate intrigues mw even more because both sides always have such intelligent things to say but yet neither sides very well explained ideas have EVER worked !!!! So Im just making an interesting point….IF there arent enough DOGS to sell OR DOG OWNERS to buy DOGS …then how much would that affect your premium for automobile INSURANCE ??? Would it go up…or down ? And how would THAT change anything ?( remember the bigger point Im making here is that – simply stated – its just stupid shit like this …that makes perfect sense to dumb people like me…..and we all make good points…but NO ONE has ever come up with a solution that ACTUALLY works ) Just something to think

When would a Police Chief hire a hot murder case consultant to give fresh eyes to their homicide detectives especially when the press is pushing for results?

When the police chief wants fresh eyes on a hot murder case, he may hire a consultant to work with the homicide detectives. The press may be pushing for results, but the police chief ultimately decides when to bring in a consultant.

My son 12 loves vegetables very much (we are carnivores). We have a strict no veggies household. The other day I caught him eating a carrot that he brought home from school. I told him he could not eat for a month because of his dirty actions. Is this a suitable punishment?

No, that is not a suitable punishment, unless your child has some sort of allergy or medical condition that requires a strict diet. A more appropriate punishment would be to take away a privilege, such as TV time or video games.

Where was Isle of Dogs filmed?


What would it take for North Korea to cease its paranoid blustering, admit it could use some help, and join the rest of the world in the 21st century?

North Korea would need to accept that it cannot continue to exist in isolation and that it would benefit from joining the rest of the world in the 21st century. This would require a fundamental change in the country's philosophy and outlook, which seems unlikely given the current regime.

Can rejection at resume screening put a job-seeker into the cool-off period for the same job title but different job ID?

Rejection at resume screening can put a job seeker into the cool-off period for the same job title but different job ID if the employer has that policy in place.

After three years of waging trade war with China and provoking a hot war and passing innumerable laws to create problems for China, should China help the USA now?

No, China should not help the USA now.

Can anybody kindly share their Jabong referral code for sign up?


Are there certain requests for tattoos that a reputable artist would refuse to do?

There are certain requests for tattoos that a reputable artist would refuse to do if they felt the design was racist, sexist, or offensive in any way.

When someone says "word" in reply, what does it mean?

It means "I heard what you said."

Why do people get offended by “real talk” even when it’s said politely out of genuine concern?

I think people get offended by "real talk" because it can come across as judgmental or critical. Additionally, some people may feel like they are being attacked or put on the spot when someone tries to have a candid conversation with them.

Is it really important to catch the person who got away (old lover)?

It depends upon the individual. Some people might feel it is important to catch the person who got away in order to feel closure or achieve a sense of satisfaction. Others may not feel as strongly about it and may be content with letting go.

Can you compare and contrast the six Astika schools of philosophy in Hinduism?

The six schools of philosophy in Hinduism are the Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Samkhya, Yoga, Mimamsa, and Vedanta. Each school has its own way of looking at the world and each has different strengths.

I want a government job in the engineering sector. Can you give details in brief other than PSU? I am an ECE branch student.

There are many government jobs in the engineering sector. However, most of them are in the public sector undertaking (PSU) sector. Some of the popular government jobs in the engineering sector are:

• Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
• Indian Police Service (IPS)
• Indian Forest Service (IFS)
• Indian Revenue Service (IRS)
• Customs and Central Excise Service
• Railwayengineers
• scientists in ISRO, DRDO, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), etc.
• Engineers in State Public Works Departments (PWDs), irrigation departments, town planning departments, etc.

What are the benefits of wave human hair wigs?

Some benefits of wave human hair wigs may include giving the illusion of fuller hair, providing coverage for thinning hair, or protecting the hair from environmental damage. Additionally, wigs can be styled in a variety of ways and are relatively easy to maintain.

The color orange within the visible light spectrum has a wavelength of about 620 nm. How do you convert the wavelength to m and the apply the equation c=yv and solve for the frequency?

620 nm = 0.00000062 m

c= wavelength * frequency

c= 0.00000062m * frequency

c= (3.00 x 10^8m/s) * frequency

frequency= c/wavelength

frequency= (3.00 x 10^8m/s)/(0.00000062m)

frequency = 4.8387 x 10^14 Hz

Chess was invented 1500 years ago. Is it possible there was a player in the past who could beat the best player today?

Yes, it is possible.

Will the Trey Anastasio documentary "Between Me and My Mind" have any showtimes beyond the "One Night Only" event on July 17, 2019?

Yes, the Trey Anastasio documentary "Between Me and My Mind" will have showtimes beyond the "One Night Only" event on July 17, 2019.

Is endmymyopia.org's information true? Can myopia really be reversible?

There is no definitive answer to this question since there is no scientific consensus on the root cause of myopia. Some scientists believe that myopia is primarily genetic, while others believe that it can be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Therefore, it is difficult to say definitively whether or not myopia is reversible. However, there are some treatment options available that may be effective in slowing the progression of myopia or even reversing it in some cases.

Could it be said that some Black British people get racial issues in Britain confused with racial issues in America?

It is possible that some Black British people get racial issues in Britain confused with racial issues in America. This may be because the media often covers American racial news more than British racial news, or because Black British people have more experience with American culture than with British culture.

Will all Brexit Party MEPs be awarded £143,000 severance pay from the EU for losing their seats because of Brexit?


What business idea can I sell to a group of 500 people to earn at least $2 from each every month?

1. A subscription service that delivers healthy snacks to office workers.

2. A luxury car detailing service that comes to your home or office.

3. A pet sitting service that offers dog walking, feeding and watering, and waste removal.

Why were Jaime and Olenna angry at Tommen’s actions in Season 6 Episode 6?

The anger stems from the fact that Tommen has essentially banned trial by combat, which was to be Jaime and Olenna's means of escaping Cersei's trial.

Is the 4-4-2 formation completely obsolete or do teams still use a variation of it?

The 4-4-2 formation is not completely obsolete. While it has largely been replaced by more modern formations, some teams continue to use variations of it.

If an acoustic guitar is not played at all for an extended period of time, will it likely need some work done on when it finally gets played, and what might be wrong with it?

If an acoustic guitar is not played at all for an extended period of time, it may need to be tuned or have the strings replaced. The wood may also start to warp if it is not properly cared for.

I’m currently 13 and living with my parents in the US. I want to be able to start a real estate business and have multiple businesses so I can have a bigger cash flow. So my problem is my parents think I’m too ambitious what do I do?

I want to be able to know how to make a business plan, so I can show them and they’ll give me some money to start. How can I learn how to do that? I heard of this website called Nolo but it seems really complicated, are there any simpler ways? Because I have no experience but have the passion I just don’t know where or how to start.

You could try contacting your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Administration office for resources and advice on starting a business. They may be able to help you put together a business plan and connect you with resources in your community. You might also want to try searching online for business plan templates, which can give you a basic outline for putting together a plan. Finally, there are many books available on starting a business, which may be helpful to you. Good luck!

Does a person with NPD really believe that just because he/she says or thinks something, that automatically makes it some real, true, legally admissible "fact"? Do they understand the difference between fact and opinion?

No, a person with NPD does not automatically believe that their thoughts and opinions are facts. They may have difficulty understanding the difference between facts and opinions, but this does not mean they believe everything they think or say is true.

How can I download Dragon Ball Z in Tamil dubbed episodes?

The easiest way to find Dragon Ball Z in Tamil dubbed episodes is to search for "Dragon Ball Z Tamil dubbed" on Google.

Being bisexual, that generally fits the "bottom" role, are there women who find this attractive?

In general, yes. Women are attracted to confident men who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it. Bisexual men tend to be more comfortable with their sexuality and are often more confident and self-assured than their straight counterparts. This can be a major turn-on for women.

How is data science different from quantitative trading?

There are a few key ways in which data science and quantitative trading differ. For one, quantitative trading generally relies far more heavily on mathematical models than data science does. Data science, on the other hand, focuses much more on extracting useful insights from data using a variety of statistical and machine learning techniques. Additionally, data science typically deals with far more unstructured data than quantitative trading does. Finally, while quantitative trading tends to focus on short-term predictions and actions, data science is more concerned with understanding long-term trends and behavior patterns.

Should establishing a backup civilization on another planet be humanity's top priority? https://historyofyesterday.com/new-research-shows-how-dangerously-close-humanity-was-to-becoming-extinct-in-1908-782fbd2b87cb

It is not necessary to establish a backup civilization on another planet as our top priority. We have the technology and resources to establish a settlement on another planet if necessary, but it is not our top priority. There are many other things that we need to do first in order to ensure the long-term survival of our species.

Why most people well never be rich?

There are a variety of reasons why most people will never be rich. Some people are born into poverty and don't have the opportunity to acquire wealth. Other people may not have the desire or drive to become wealthy. And finally, some people may simply be bad at money management and investing.

There is so much evidence that supports climate change. Yet, many Republicans/conservative US politicians do not want to acknowledge the facts and believe it is a hoax. Why is that so? Are they all being lobbied?

There are a number of reasons why Republicans/conservative US politicians might not want to acknowledge the facts about climate change. Some of these reasons include:

-Climate change contradicts their ideology that the free market should be unregulated.

-They may believe that acknowledging climate change would mean admitting that humans are contributing to it, and they may not want to accept responsibility for that.

-Many Republican/conservative voters may not believe in climate change, so these politicians may not want to alienate them.

What would be the appropriate answer for "Aur beta kya chal raha hai" during the UPSC preparation?

I am preparing for the UPSC exam.

Who are some artists, musicians, or other creatives who either have PTSD or have recovered from PTSD?

There are many artists, musicians, and other creatives who either have PTSD or have recovered from PTSD. Some of these people include:

• Singer/songwriter Demi Lovato

• Actor Mark Ruffalo

• Comedian Patton Oswalt

• Rapper Eminem

• Singer Lady Gaga

If floating platforms were in our outer troposphere, could we shoot water at space debris to slow the debris down and have it fall into the atmosphere? How far would a shot of water go? Would freezing it help?

No, shooting water at space debris would not slow the debris down or cause it to fall into the atmosphere. The water would simply freeze in the vacuum of space.

What does it mean when one dreams of getting shot in the stomach, bleeding alot and only one person offering to help me even after he tried to get everyone else to help me, they did not but they offered to help the other people who got shot?

It can mean that the dreamer feels betrayed, unsupported, and alone. Alternatively, it may also symbolize repressed anger or rage.

How true is it that thought that you wish to communicate to infinite intelligence must undergo transformation?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is dependent on personal beliefs. Some people may believe that thoughts must be transformed in order to be communicated to infinite intelligence, while others may not believe this is necessary.

Fortune reports the world bank says both food and energy prices will soar over fifty percent this year setting back the fight against poverty. Is this possibly how governments dependency begins?

People see food and energy prices sky rocket. Governments create subsidies. Suppliers realize when subsidies there other super because you can't get that price for the product anymore. They simply stop selling to you and this obviously would trigger social unrest wouldn't it?

COOPER: Right. I mean, you know, one of the things that we've already seen happening in growing numbers of countries around the world is social unrest. You have people protesting, trying to get access to food and access to energy resources and often turning on governments trying to target on governments saying why aren't you doing something about it? Why aren't you putting pressure on us so we don't have to take these deplorable steps such as eating our cats or decreasing our opportunity? Why are you leaving us out of thelp loop? We've got no energy resources left to conduct -- access in any significant way.

So I think that's going to be a growing issue as energy prices continue to soar even as somehow oil producers tell us by 2030 they're going be able generate enough resources for us. I'm skeptical of that data. Does that really suggest they'll be able to do so at a reasonable cost if they are able to do so at all? So, absolutely, I think governments are such belief looking at the issues now supply and demand says we can only manage this problem in part through economies rules out subsidies in some cases, maybe not others and I think that we have no choice but go where’s most potent solution is creating new energy technologies because over time if we're lucky, we haven’t invested enough yet in these other systems should bring some costs down based on his procedures of cellulosic feed stock for example. But who knows when that's going happen. And even electrification as one other alternative continues face some enormous problems as well because y

My daughter was just served with papers for a lawsuit almost 2 years after the incident. Do lawyers wait to the last minute like this on purpose so that you can't file a counter suit before the statute of limitations runs out?

… read more Brandon M. Attorney at Law Juris Doctorate 12,646 satisfied customers

My daughter was bitten by a dog about a year ago and the dog was my daughter was bitten by a dog about a year ago and the dog was put down 3 days later due to being in quarantine. My daughter is 16 years old... On june 19,2012 her knee cap snapped on her right leg du … read more Brandon M. Attorney at Law Juris Doctorate 12,646 satisfied customers

My adult child has been served papers for an incident 2 years My adult child has been served papers for an incident 2 years ago (car wreck) when he was 18 years old. He has 4 counts of: Driving while impaired causation of serious bodily injury Threatening phy … read more Dimitry K., Esq. Attorney Doctoral Degree 17,183 satisfied customers

i had car accident i drove his car he paid insurance but registered i had car accident i drove his car he paid insurance but registered to him he gave me insurance card any way hit with other car my sister inlaw came up kicked out my brakes glasses are broken dental dam … read more P. Simmons Lawyer Doctoral Degree 3,624 satisfied customers

Cease and desist; possible libel against a Companies Web Page Cease and desist; possible libel against a Company's Web Page put out by current shareholders or the internet trolls; one has harmed us economically another by taking her time off from work to Type Bl … read more JB Umphrey Attorney & Counselor Juris Doctor 16,283 satisfied customers

Another auto related bba question.. We received our second vehicle Another auto related bba question.. We received our second vehicle from our car dealer that is 6 weeks behind schedule - again in addition to this being a major inconvenience we were initially told that w … read more Robert Attorney Doctoral Degree 909 satisfied customers

Why is 18% of my paycheck being withheld with 0 dependents?

There may be multiple reasons for this. Some possibilities include:
* The individual has not filed a W-4 form indicating how many dependents they have. By default, the IRS assumes 0 dependents when no W-4 is on file.
* The individual indicated they have 0 dependents on their W-4, but this is incorrect.
* The individual may have multiple jobs, and thus multiple W-4s on file. One or more of these W-4s may have 0 dependents indicated.
* There may be state or local taxes being withheld, in addition to federal taxes.

If a piece of plastic broke off and fell in the valve cover, will the gas break it down?

No, the gas will not break down the plastic.

Should I bother watching AHS Roanoke?

You might enjoy it if you like horror stories, but it may not be your cup of tea.

I have three 12 AH 12 V batteries in series. Which 36 volt charger should I use to charge them all at the same time?

The correct charger for your batteries is a 36 volt charger that can deliver a charge current of at least 3 amps.

How do ENFPs stop themselves from overthinking social dynamics?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each ENFP has their own individual methods of coping with overthinking. However, some tips that may be helpful for ENFPs who want to stop overthinking social dynamics include:

• Taking breaks from social media and other sources of information that can trigger overthinking.

• Engaging in hobbies and activities that help to distract from overthinking.

• Talking to a trusted friend or family member about what is causing stress or anxiety.

• Seeking professional help if overthinking is causing significant distress or interfering with daily life.

What are the steps to financial freedom among youth?

1. Know where you stand.
Check your credit score and look at your debt-to-income ratio to get an idea of where you stand financially.

2. Make a plan.
Start by creating a budget and goal list. Determine what you need and want in life and what you can live without. Build out your budget by factoring in your income, debts, and expenses.

3. Automate your finances.
Set up automatic payments for your bills and savings goals. This will help you stay on track with your finances and reach your goals more quickly.

4. Invest in yourself.
Invest in your education and career so that you can earn more money and grow your wealth over time.

5. Live below your means.
Make sure your lifestyle doesn’t outpace your income. Be mindful of your spending and only purchase items that you truly need.

Teenagers through history loved a rebel, but today parents act like best buds and there is nothing to rebel against. How is this influencing our current prudish social milieu?

The lack of parents acting as authority figures has led to a more accepting attitude towards rebels and those who break social norms. This has, in turn, made society more tolerant of different lifestyles and allowed for more open dialogue about previously taboo subjects. The result is a more prudish social milieu that is more accepting of diverse points of view.

Why is skateboarding in certain areas considered a crime?

Skateboarding on certain property may be considered a crime because it can result in damage to the property.

Has anyone used ESSO's Bad Weather Promise car wash deal?

The short answer is no, we have not.

What are the 6 character types in traditional Shakespeare drama?

comic, tragic, love, heroic, historical, tragedy

Does Home Depot paint houses?


What are the legal and financial steps to launch your website as a business to legally start making money?

1. Form a business entity. This will protect your personal assets and create a formal business structure.

2. Register your domain name. This is your online property and should be treated as such.

3. Draft a privacy policy. This will let your visitors know how you plan to use their data.

4. Create terms and conditions. This will outline the rules for using your website.

5. Get a business license. This will allow you to operate your business legally.

6. Set up a merchant account. This will allow you to accept payments on your website.

7. Invest in marketing. You need to let people know about your website in order to generate traffic and sales.

How do you clean dirt off gold chains?

Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean your gold chain.

Is it true that the Congress party passed a resolution around 1904 to make Hindi the official language of India replacing Urdu?

No, the Congress party in India did not pass a resolution in 1904 to make Hindi the official language of India, replacing Urdu. While the party did discuss making Hindi the official language at its annual session that year, it ultimately decided against taking any action on the matter.

Does saying no to someone in need create bad karma? Does that affect your success?

Saying no to someone in need does not automatically create bad karma, although it may if the refusal is done in a negative or unkind way. However, success is not solely determined by karma but also by a multitude of other factors.

What is the meaning of the word 'wavelength-weighted power'?

Wavelength-weighted power means the distribution of power over different wavelengths, with more power at shorter wavelengths.

What is the point of Alisha Oylar’s testimony? Her video didn’t seem any different than the city cam video. Why was she asked if she knew all those other witnesses?

The point of Alisha Oylar’s testimony was to establish that there were other people in the park who could corroborate George Floyd’s innocence. Oylar was able to identify all of the other witnesses by name, which helped to establish their credibility.

Q, of Star Trek, has always baffled me. Is this a realistic form of "life", or just a plot device?

If she's "quite sentient," but isn't considered to be alive (as Victor Frankenstein argued in the classic novel), then why does Picard give her formal military honors at the end of one episode?

I've always felt a little sorry for Data. ISIS was more interesting and sympathetic to me, mainly because she wasn't pursuiting QUITE so perfection as he was. In addition, I didn't like Marayna's amorous pursuit of Picard, or her (paraphrasing here) androgynous traits. There's nothing IMHO wrong with androgyny, but Marayna is explicitly described this way by TNG writers in response to questions raised in the pilot episode re: her roles including male and female personalities: "Some tamer versions of this have been done before on other shows, with bisexual-type characters," says Michael Piller, the executive producer and co-creator, adding that Marayna won't be so rigidly identified with one sexual persuasion over another. After all, says Piller, "We believe that sexuality is fluid nowadays." This seems inappropriate in the 24th century before warp drive allowed aliens to visit or communicate with Earth - though perhaps it isn't as inappropriate even 1,000 years ago? Still, Marayna's flirtation and pursuit...first toward Picard and then towardData...didn't seem quite appropriate for what is otherwise supposed to be an advanced alien species from the 24th century - especially when we find out that she is Adam Smith-like in her quest for self-improvement . Perhaps she actually WANTS to be a man...she also suits up for combat as a male humanoid warrior near the beginning of the episode in which she appears (or a marionette manually operates her?)...but how can you really "improve" yourself problems exist throughout more than half of your conscious mind? Wouldmind solutions make adjustments that might be useful to someone else who has different financial goals? Unlikely.

As usual, though - I'm digressing! Bottom line is that although I recognize that Star Trek TNG TONGA has deeper problems than casting Mary Kay Place to play a non-human reality simulation AI/avatar - I do think it was a poor choice due largely (though not exclusively because) Mary Kay Place frequently used what has been described as acrobatic acting techniques that likely wouldn't have been televised on network TV before 1975 , let alone in 26th

Why do plastic bags have little holes in them?

When plastic bags are produced, small holes are poked into them so that they can be hung on a conveyor belt during the manufacturing process.

Can I claim HRA tax exemption on rent paid by parents for the residence along with my rent payment?

HRA exemption can be clained from total rent paid but not on rent paid by parents.

What are the probabilities that the two letters selected at random from the word "television" are (i) same, (ii) different, (iii) both vowels and (iv) both consonants?

(i) There is a 1/36 chance that the two letters selected at random will be the same.
(ii) There is a 35/36 chance that the two letters selected at random will be different.
(iii) There is a 4/9 chance that the two letters selected at random will be both vowels.
(iv) There is a 5/9 chance that the two letters selected at random will be both consonants.

Why do the actors accept to do intimate scenes, which is totally unnecessary for the movie or it won’t add anything new for the movie?

There can be a number of reasons why an actor or actress might agree to do an intimate scene in a movie, even if it is not necessary for the story. Sometimes, it can simply be a matter of personal preference or comfort level. Other times, it may be part of the actor's contract. And sometimes, an intimate scene may be included in a movie in order to generate buzz or publicity.

What is the difference between a military aircraft Class-26, written off, damaged beyond repair, condemned, surveyed, salvaged, and consigned to reclamation?

I'm not sure what you are asking.

What should I do, as my hand was burned in my childhood? It looks ugly and I can not mix with others easily.

See a doctor.

In “The Wizard Of Oz”, why didn't the characters just go through a door instead of climbing up and down ladders all over town?

It is not possible to go through a door to get to the Emerald City in the story. The citizens of the Emerald City are not allowed to have doors on their houses, so the only way to enter is by climbing up and down ladders.

What does it mean to be bitten by a tarantula in a dream? I was with a stranger that was supposedly my friend. He had insisted placing it on my shoulder and it bit me twice. It was painful but the stranger insisted it wasnt poisonous. I believed him.

It could mean that you are feeling threatened or even betrayed by someone you thought was a friend. The tarantula could also represent something sinister or dangerous lurking beneath the surface. Alternatively, the dream could be a warning to watch out for someone or something that seems harmless but could be harmful.

I’m currently in school getting my MBA, with a concentration in marketing. I’ve been applying to L’Oréal but haven't had any luck. Any tips on how I can land my dream internship?

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of landing an internship at L'Oréal:

1. Start by research the company and familiarizing yourself with its products, history, and culture. This will help you stand out in the interview process and show that you're truly passionate about the company.

2. Network with individuals who work for L'Oréal or who have interned there in the past. These individuals can provide valuable insights and advice on the application process.

3. Tailor your resume and cover letter to match the company's specific requirements. This will show that you've taken the time to research the organization and that you're a good fit for the position.

4. Finally, practice your interview skills and be prepared to answer behavioral questions about your past experiences. By being confident and prepared, you'll increase your chances of impressing the interviewer and landing the internship.

I'm in choir and had one bad solo performance, and because of that my dad is angry and wants to pull me out. Choir is my passion, what should I say to him?

If you love something, you have to fight for it. Talk to your dad about why you're so passionate about choir and what it means to you. Let him know that one bad performance doesn't define you as a singer, and that you're willing to work hard to improve. Chances are, he'll be more understanding if he sees how much choir means to you.

Is there any sectional cut off at any stage of RBI assistant exam?


Why do people find seeing a healthy breeze around the privates weird?

There is no one answer to this question. Some people find it strange because they are not used to seeing other people's genitals, while others may find it creepy or sexual.

How do you apply for a tourist visa to Brazil at the embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

To apply for a tourist visa to Brazil at the embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you need to submit a completed visa application form, a passport-size photo, your passport, and the required fees.

Did Korean pop copy American pop?

Korean pop has been heavily influenced by American pop music, but it has also developed its own unique sound and style.

What are some good wedding readings from pop-culture?

-"Love is Patient, Love is Kind" from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
-“All You Need is Love” by The Beatles
-"A Love Story" by Taylor Swift
-"Marry Me" by Train

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