🔥👉 What is the ticking sound you hear once you turn your car off and get out?

"✅👉 This sound is usually the indicator that your car's engine is still warm."

Nicolette Stracke
Nicolette Stracke

What goes into writing great headlines for stories?

Great headlines for stories usually have a strong verb and refer to the most interesting thing in the story.

Is it constitutional for U.S. police departments to employ the same domestic spying technology as the NSA and FBI?

There is no definitive answer, as the constitutionality of using such technology has not been fully explored by the courts. However, given the limited information available, it is possible that police departments could argue that the use of NSA- and FBI-style spying technology is constitutional under the Fourth Amendment's reasonableness standard.

Why are many MSD haters telling that he is credit stealing and it was Sachin Sir's decision of sending In Bell back in that Nottingham Test match?

I'm not sure why people are saying that MSD is credit stealing. Sachin Sir's decision of sending In Bell back in that Nottingham Test match was a decision made by the team management at the time, and MSD had nothing to do with it.

How can the Chinese endure such severe environmental pollution?

It is unclear. Some research indicates that people living in areas with high levels of air pollution have a higher risk of developing cancer, heart and respiratory disease.

Why is Black Widow's betrayal of the Avengers the right decision?

Black Widow's decision to betray the Avengers is the right decision because she needs to protect her own interests. She is willing to put the safety of her team before the good of the group, and she knows that the Avengers are not going to be able to defeat Thanos without her help.

After a gap of a few years, has pseudo-secularism again started to raise its head across India? Does it indicate that the BJP is weakening?

Pseudo-secularism has not raised its head again across India. This is because the BJP is not weakening.

Was it true that the Kriegsmarine planned for Scharnhorst and Gneisenau to accompany Bismarck for her maiden (only) voyage?

The Kriegsmarine intended for Scharnhorst and Gneisenau to accompany Bismarck on her maiden voyage, but the two ships were not yet ready and had to be left behind.

What are the six principles of control activities?

The six principles of control activities are:

1) Establishing clear responsibility for control activities
2) Physical controls over assets and records
3) Separation of incompatible functions
4) Access to systems and data only through authorized procedures
5) Monitoring of control activities
6) Regular evaluation and testing of control activities

What is the definition of a judicial approach?

The judicial approach is a legal method used to settle disputes between parties. This method is often used in cases where the parties are unable to come to an agreement on their own. The judicial approach typically involves a third party, such as a judge or arbitrator, who will listen to both sides of the argument and make a ruling based on the evidence presented.

Is it a good idea to sell records on Collector's Frenzy?

Yes, it is a good idea to sell records on Collector's Frenzy.

Is looking in the mirror a lot at yourself a sign of bipolar mania? Is it just like narcissism, or is it both narcissism and mania?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it could be interpreted in a number of ways. However, if someone is displaying symptoms of mania, such as an excessively high mood, increased energy and activity levels, irritability, and grandiose thinking, then it is possible that looking in the mirror constantly could be a sign of this. It is also possible that this behavior could be indicative of narcissism, or a combination of both narcissism and mania. If someone is displaying these behaviors, it is important to speak to a mental health professional to get a proper diagnosis.

Is it true that there is a famous Arabic soup made from the fresh steamed eyes of sheep where you are supposed to bite the eye and chew the retina and macula and is very nutritious?

That is true. It is called "Zaalouk"

Is it racist to say a black person is articulate?

Most people would not consider this to be racist, but some might.

What medical issue would cause postprandial lethargy within seconds of finishing eating (always)?

A food intolerance could cause postprandial lethargy.

Can a middle class person import goods from foreign countries? If yes, then what are the policies, problems, tax that can be faced by him/her?

There are no restrictions on importing goods from foreign countries for middle class people. However, they may have to pay import duties and taxes on the goods they import. They may also face difficulties in shipping the goods if they are not familiar with the process.

How complicated can SQL get?


SQL can get quite complicated, particularly when one is working with large and complex databases. There are a variety of ways to make SQL more complex, such as by adding more tables, adding more columns, or adding more data. However, even with a relatively simple SQL query, one can add multiple levels of complexity. For instance, a simple SELECT statement can become quite complex if it includes a large number of columns and/or a large number of tables.

What are the elements of graphic design?

There are four basic elements of graphic design:

1. Line
2. Shape
3. Color
4. Texture

How certain are we that the fundamental particles come in 3 flavors only, and why? Can there be more flavors heavier, too short lived to be observed? Does the QFT / SM somehow firmly concludes theoretically 3 flavors only?

The Standard Model does allow for additional massive fermions that mix with the three lightest families (plus any hypothetical sterile neutrinos). However, experimental searches for such fermions are currently highly constraining, and have so far found no evidence for any beyond the three observed generations of the SM.

Is it dangerous or upsetting that "Android apps share more sensitive data than users realize?"

There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on the individual app and how it collects and uses data. Some apps may be more dangerous or upsetting than others, depending on how they handle sensitive data. It is important to read the privacy policy of an app before installing it to understand how your personal data will be used.

I have a notice period of 3 months, my company does not easily relieve before completion of notice due to billing, what reasons could I use to get released in one month?

One potential reason you could use to get released from your notice period early is if you have another job offer lined up. You could explain to your current employer that you have been offered another position and ask to be released from your notice period so that you can start your new job. Another reason you could use to try and get released from your notice period early is if you have a personal emergency that requires your attention. For example, if you need to take care of a sick family member, you could explain this to your employer and ask to be released early so that you can take care of your family member.

What is meant by a silent death stare?

A silent death stare is a steady gaze that shows no emotion. It is often used to make someone feel uncomfortable or to intimidate them.

Which musicians working today play multiple instruments, eg. Ben Folds - plays drums, piano, guitar, etc.?

Coldplay's Chris Martin, Arcade Fire's Win Butler, Hozier, Benjamin Booker, St. Vincent

Can children inherit narcissistic personalities? My kids are selfish, entitled, manipulative and cold hearted, just like their father.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no concrete evidence to suggest that narcissistic personality disorder is genetic. However, some experts believe that certain personality traits may be inheritable, so it is possible that children of a parent with narcissistic personality disorder could inherit some of their parent's traits.

What is golden quadrilateral?

The Golden Quadrilateral is a highway network connecting India's four largest metropolitan cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

How much of a distraction (if any) is being an angel investor whilst also being an early stage founder?

There is no right answer to this question as it depends on each individual's situation and preferences. Some people may find that being an angel investor is a helpful way to network and meet other startup founders, while others may find it to be a distraction from their own startup. Ultimately, it is up to the founder to decide whether or not being an angel investor is a good fit for them.

Can a player make a debut in international cricket without playing first-class cricket?


Are you above the line or below the line right now?

I am above the line.

What is the likely impact (positive and negative) to Walmart for taking action on reducing access to fire arms in the United States?

The likely positive impact to Walmart for taking action on reducing access to fire arms in the United States is that it could help to reduce gun violence. The likely negative impact is that it could alienate some customers who support gun rights.

Why did Paul Shaffer consistently perform live with musical guests on The Late Show when the guest already had their own band?

Paul Shaffer served as the music director for The Late Show for many years, and as such, he was responsible for booking and coordinating the show's musical guests. He would often play with the guests when they performed, either because they didn't have their own band or because he felt it would add to the performance.

What would happen if the United States adopted Singapore's policy of immediate execution for illegal drug importation and usage?

If the United States adopted Singapore's policy of immediate execution for illegal drug importation and usage, it is likely that drug use and importation would decrease. This is because individuals would be deterred from using or importing drugs if they knew that they would be immediately executed for doing so. Additionally, this policy would likely lead to fewer people being incarcerated for drug offenses, as there would be no need to keep them alive in prison.

Which is more exciting, founding or investing?

There is no clear answer, as both founding and investing can be exciting. It depends on what you are looking for in an opportunity.

How could some unremembered thought of the past affect present actions?

Some unremembered thought of the past could affect present actions if it was a traumatic experience that has been repressed. This could lead to flashbacks or dissociative episodes in which the person relives the trauma. This can be very distressing and disrupt their ability to function in everyday life.

When should stores use your previous buying habits in marketing? What's too much?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the store's marketing goals and the preferences of its customer base. However, in general, stores should only use previous buying habits in marketing if doing so is likely to be beneficial to both the store and its customers. If a store uses previous buying habits in marketing excessively or in a way that is perceived as intrusive, it could alienate potential customers.

What was the contribution of the very gifted Russian spy Richard Sorge to the economic boom of Japan in the '60-'70s?

There is no known connection between Richard Sorge and the economic boom of Japan in the '60s and '70s.

What are the scientific evidence out there that shows that eating grains is good for mental development?

There is a lot of scientific evidence that eating grains is good for mental development. For example, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that children who ate more whole grains had higher IQ scores than those who ate less whole grains. Another study, published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience, found that rats who were fed a diet rich in whole grains showed improved memory and learning compared to rats who were fed a diet lacking in whole grains.

Do you have a recommendation for a good trail camera? I want to film nocturnal wildlife near my home.

There are a lot of different trail cameras on the market, and it really depends on your budget as to what is the best one to buy. I would recommend doing a bit of research online, and reading some reviews to see which one would be the best fit for you.

Why don't we have a domestic power supply at 12 volts AC to avoid lethal electronic shocks?

The primary reason for use of alternating current rather than direct current for power distribution is efficiency of transmission. Alternating current allows the use of transformers to change the voltage as needed. The higher voltages used (115,000 volts and above) are more efficient for long distance transmission, while the low voltages used (120/240 volts) are more efficient for local distribution to customers.

What is the grooviest type of music there is?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone's taste in music is different. Some people might say that the grooviest type of music is funk, while others might say that it is soul or R&B. Ultimately, it is up to the listener to decide what type of music they think is the grooviest.

The BCferries Queen of the North sank 14 years ago. Is the wreck probably still intact, or is it falling apart like Titanic?

The wreck of the Queen of the North is probably still intact.

Did anybody get his/her exit record/status corrected after forgetting to turn in the I-94 while leaving the US?


It depends on the status of the I-94. If it was left in the states, it will likely be returned to you by the airlines, in which case the advice is to write “returned to holder” and the date across the face of the I-94. If you don’t have a copy, you can track down your old I-94 information by filing an I-102 application until it arrives or sooner if they tell you where they sent it. You also have to pay a fee of $445.

I've been sitting with a girl on the bus to school. She has recently started putting her head on my shoulder. Is this a sign?

There is no certain answer, and it could mean different things for different people. Perhaps she is feeling comfortable around you and enjoys your company, or she could be attracted to you and is trying to send a subtle signal. If you are interested in her, you could try reciprocating the gesture and see how she responds.

If a person goes to jail for possession of a controlled substance and charges were dismissed later, does the police dept have to give back money that was seized at the time of arrest?

It depends on the outcome of the case and what the controlled substance was.

Why an ETS is the government's preferred policy?

The government prefers an ETS because it is a market-based approach that uses the power of the marketplace to drive emissions reductions.

What are some current directions in operating system research?

Some current directions in operating system research include resource management, energy-efficient computing, security, and data management.

Why is India's coronavirus testing rate very low? Will low rate testing affect us in upcoming weeks?

India's coronavirus testing rate is very low for a number of reasons. First, there is a lack of testing infrastructure in the country. Second, the country does not have enough trained personnel to conduct the tests. Third, the government has not prioritized testing as a means of controlling the spread of the virus. Finally, the low testing rate will likely have a negative impact on the country's ability to effectively control the spread of the virus in the coming weeks.

How does Maslow's hierarchy of needs play an important part in the management of household resources?

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, people are motivated to fulfill certain needs in order. The most basic needs, such as the need for food and shelter, are at the bottom of the hierarchy, while the need for self-actualization is at the top. The management of household resources is important in order to meet the needs of the family. If the family does not have enough resources to meet their basic needs, they will not be able to meet their higher-level needs.

Despite eating all garbage, why do pigs not get sick?

Pigs are able to eat garbage because they have a four-chamber stomach that digests food differently than humans. This allows them to eat things that would make humans sick.

How do I register on www.TaskFinders.com?

On the registration page, https://www.taskfinders.com/register, you can select the information of your profile and add a DDC number (the number of yourWork ID), member type, name, email address and password.

How do you determine the type of feedback if a random or general circuit having feedback is given to you?

This is a difficult question. There is no one answer that will work for every circuit. One approach is to analyze the circuit and try to determine what type of feedback is present. Another approach is to ask the person who gave you the circuit what type of feedback is present.

Can anyone answer. After deduction of TDS on interest received on FD, do an individual is still required to pay income tax on the amount left after TDS deduction?


How do you measure rubber products?

length * width * thickness

Do you believe an artificial super intelligence may already exist?

There is no evidence that an artificial super intelligence exists, and it is not clear how one could create such a being.

I was an intern working in Bangalore, Now due to lock down My internship got cancelled and had to return .Now I want to vacate the PG cause I cant bare months of rent as I am not getting my stipend and also can't go back and vacate due to lock down?

The best thing you can do is talk to your landlord and explain the situation. If you are unable to come to an agreement, you may have to lodge a complaint with the local authorities.

Why would someone prefer to have wisdom over wealth?

There are many reasons someone might prefer wisdom over wealth. Here are a few:

1. Wisdom can never be taken away, while wealth can be lost or stolen.
2. Wisdom leads to better decision-making, while wealth can lead to greed and bad decision-making.
3. Wisdom results in a more fulfilling life, while wealth can result in a life of greed and materialism.

My front teeth are crooked. Is there any other procedure to fix my front teeth except braces? Dental procedure, not “do it at home” kind of thing.

The only procedure to fix crooked teeth is braces.

Is Hooke's law the same in spherical coordinates/cylindrical, as Cartesian?

There is no such thing as spherical coordinates in Hookes law.

Why don't small businesses care about cybersecurity?

There are many reasons why small businesses may not care about cybersecurity. Some small business owners may not be aware of the dangers of not protecting their data, while others may not think they are at risk for being hacked. Additionally, some small businesses may not have the resources to invest in cybersecurity measures.

What are the biggest bonuses on Wall Street?

The biggest bonuses on Wall Street typically go to those working in the financial sector, with the average bonus reaching around $184,220. The size of the bonus will depend on various factors such as position, level of experience, and company size. For example, investment bankers and traders typically earn larger bonuses than other financial workers.

What would happen if I am fishing on the American side of the Rio Grande, but my fishing hook lands on the Mexican side? Will I be allowed to catch and cook any fish that I catch from the Mexican side or not?

The Rio Grande is a shared international waterway between Mexico and the United States. As such, any fish caught in the Rio Grande are considered international waters and subject to the regulations of both countries. It is advisable to check with both Mexican and US fishing authorities to determine the regulations for fishing in the Rio Grande.

Are loose sports shorts allowed in NEET 2018?

Loose sports shorts are not allowed in NEET 2018.

How do you read military or army vehicle number plates?

The numbers on military or army vehicle number plates are read from left to right.

Are tornadoes only a North American phenomenon? If so, why?

Most tornadoes form in the United States, particularly in the Great Plains. They also frequently occur in south-central and southeastern Canada during the spring and summer.

How did The Whole Earth Catalog change the world?

The Whole Earth Catalog changed the world by popularizing the idea of using technology to enhance human autonomy and connection with nature. The Catalog was published from 1968 to 1972, during a time when countercultural values were becoming mainstream. The Catalog provided how-to instructions for building simple shelters, creating alternative energy sources, and living off the land. It also featured articles on political activism, mysticism, and alternative lifestyles. The Catalog became a bible for the hippie movement, and its impact is still felt today in the popularity of do-it-yourself culture, environmentalism, and the DIY ethic.

Why can Legolas not kill the orc carrying the torch who blew up the Helm’s Deep wall, when he has never failed to kill something he shoots?

Legolas does not kill the orc carrying the torch because he is distracted by the sight of Gimli fighting another orc.

Is there a cab services proving company in Canada?

Yes, there are many cab services providing companies in Canada.

How can I use "irrespective of" and "apparently" in a sentence (explain their meaning)?

"Irrespective of" means "without regard to". "Apparently" means "seemingly".

Apparently, she didn't care whether she passed or failed the test, irrespective of how much study she did.

What are the pros and cons of joining a pre-seed, Seed vs Series A Startup?

There are a few key differences between pre-seed, seed, and Series A startups that founders should be aware of before making a decision about which type of startup to join.

Pre-seed startups are typically earlier stage than seed or Series A startups. This means that they may have a less developed product, business model, and team. However, pre-seed startups also have the potential to be more agile and adaptable as they grow. For founders, joining a pre-seed startup can provide the opportunity to be more involved in the early stages of the company’s development.

Seed startups are usually further along than pre-seed startups, with a more developed product and business model. However, they may still be early enough that the team is small and founders can have a significant impact on the company’s direction. Seed startups also tend to be more capital efficient, which can be attractive to founders who want to minimize their financial risk.

Series A startups are typically the most developed of the three types of startups, with a proven product and business model. They also tend to be larger, with a more mature team. For founders, joining a Series A startup can provide the opportunity to work with a more established company that is better positioned for growth. However, it is important to note that Series A startups are also typically more risk-averse and may not be as open to new ideas as pre-seed or seed startups.

I visited Australia for two weeks. How long will it take before there are no more particles or atoms in/on my body that I picked up there?

It is impossible to zap away all of the particles or atoms that you picked up in Australia. Even if you were to take a shower and scrub your skin thoroughly, you would still have particles of Australian dirt and dust on your body. The same goes for the air you breathe; even if you were to filter the air you breathe, you would still have particles of Australian pollen and dust in your lungs.

What do non-Americans think of "active threat drills" at public schools? These are anti-school shooter drills for local police and students.

Non-Americans may view active threat drills at public schools as a safety measure to protect students and staff from potential school shootings. Some may see it as a necessary precaution, while others may perceive it as an overreaction to a rare occurrence.

2020: Which disciplines will see a need for more professors (academia) in both teaching and researching roles?

There is no definitive answer to this question as disciplines evolve over time and the needs of academia change. However, some disciplines that may see a need for more professors in teaching and researching roles in the future include STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), social sciences, and humanities.

Is Jonathan Winters dead?

Yes, Jonathan Winters passed away on April 11, 2013.

How do I get a puff bar through airport security?

A puff bar can be brought through airport security as long as it meets the requirements for bringing a vape pen onto an airplane. The TSA has specific regulations for bringing these devices onto an airplane, so be sure to check with the airline and TSA before packing your puff bar in your carry-on or checked baggage.

Do Native American tribes who once went to war with each other before the arrival of Europeans, still hate each other in the 21st century? I don't want to name tribes openly.


There are many Native American tribes who have a long history of hatred and conflict with each other, dating back centuries before the arrival of Europeans. These conflicts often erupt into violence even in the 21st century.

Who has the most textbook shooting form in NBA history?

Many experts would say that the player with the best shooting form in NBA history is Ray Allen. He is known for his smooth and consistent jump shot, and has made some of the most clutch shots in league history.

Is it possible to slowly get off opioids until the withdrawals go away rather than going cold turkey and having severe withdrawals?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people may find that a slower taper results in less severe withdrawal symptoms, while others may find that going cold turkey results in less severe symptoms. Ultimately, it is important to discuss tapering strategies with a medical professional in order to determine what is best for you.

Why are Southeast Asian countries not leading the fight against climate change, considering that the entire tropical area would be affected by it?

The answer to this question is complex. Southeast Asian countries are not leading the fight against climate change for a variety of reasons, including the fact that many of these countries are still developing and face significant economic challenges. Additionally, some Southeast Asian countries have strong relationships with fossil fuel-producing countries, and they may be reluctant to take action that could jeopardize those relationships. Finally, many Southeast Asian countries are located in the tropics and therefore particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change; they may feel that they lack the resources to effectively address the problem.

Is it possible to fly to Arizona with just my state ID, or do I need something else? I live in San Antonio

You need a driver's license, or other government-issued photo ID, plus a boarding pass.

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