🔥👉 What historical political mistakes ended up working out for the better in the long run?

"✅👉 There are many historical political mistakes that have ended up working out for the better in the long run. One example is the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This event marked the end of the Cold War and ushered in a new era of peace and cooperation between the East and West."

Dr. Thea Bashirian V
Dr. Thea Bashirian V

A nest of 3 baby birds fell out of a tree in my yard and they are dying, what can I do to save them?

There is not much that you can do to save the baby birds.

Why are people silently rather mean and negative than to be kind and positive such as returning a smile?

One possibility is that people are socialized to believe that it is more important to be right than to be kind. Another possibility is that people are more likely to notice when someone is being mean or negative than when they are being kind or positive.

Is a machine gun needed to stop hundreds of blacks doing a mass crime?

It is not needed.

Why is it when I used to be young, I used drive at the side of the road and people used shout at me to get on the pavement, but now there are all on the road?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some possible explanations include changes in social norms, traffic patterns, or pedestrian infrastructure.

I can’t understand how a Democratic President turns a negative deficit to a positive, only for a Republican President does the opposite? Clinton, Obama, and Biden in turn will do the same.

This is a difficult question to answer because it requires some understanding of economics and budgeting. The simple answer is that when Democrats are in power, they tend to spend more money on government programs than when Republicans are in power. This results in a larger deficit, which can eventually lead to a positive surplus if the economy is doing well. However, if the economy is not doing well, the deficit will continue to grow and the government will have to borrow more money to pay for its expenses.

Don’t you think as a Chinese that Chinese Communist’s action to forbid screening of a film about Cultural Revolution by celebrated director is heavy handed? Does Cultural Revolution need to be glorified?

I think it's ridiculous that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to censor a film that is based on a true story. I don't think the Cultural Revolution needs to be glorified, but I do think it's important to learn about what happened during that time.

What are your thoughts on this North Carolina school board voting to make masks optional despite having 430 students under quarantine? https://abcnews.go.com/Health/north-carolina-school-board-votes-make-masks-optional/story?id=80412677


I think it's a bad idea. Masks are one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness, and with so many students already under quarantine, making masks optional is likely to make the situation worse.

What is a preference table?

A preference table is a table that shows the preferences of a group of people for a set of items.

What is the meaning of these great lines of amazing poetry: Aur bhi dukh hain zamane me mohabbat ke siwa, Raahaten aur bhi hain wasl ki raahat ke siwae?

There are many more sorrows in the world than love, and many more comforts in solitude than companionship.

If a ball is attached to a string and whirled in a circle, after one full circle why does the ball return to its original position?

The ball returns to its original position because the force of the string is constantly pulling it back.

What impact will the June 2019 immigration agreement between Mexico and the US have on the "catch-and-release" policy for asylum seekers with accompanying children?

The impact of the agreement is not yet known.

Who are some good Quora writers with a relatively small number of followers which you would recommend to follow?

Some good Quora writers with a relatively small number of followers which I would recommend to follow are:

1) Eman khattab - she has answered many questions on different topics with well-thought out and detailed answers. Even though she has a low follower count, her answers are upvoted by many people.

2) Sarah Ahmed - she writes about a variety of topics, including travel, food, and culture. Her answers are always insightful and thought-provoking.

3) Azhar Niaz - he is an expert on Pakistani politics and history, and his answers are always well-informed and interesting.

4) Jazmine Thompson - she writes about a variety of topics, including personal growth, productivity, and relationship advice. Her answers are always candid and down-to-earth.

How do I block websites in a Huawei e5172 router, because I tried blocking using URL filtering or access control, but nothing happened?

There are a few ways that you can block websites on a Huawei E5172 router. One way is to use the URL filtering feature. This will allow you to block specific websites by their URL. Another way is to use the access control feature. This will allow you to block websites by IP address or by domain name.

What nutrients help support the functioning of large molecules in organisms?

i) Proteins are the large molecules which are responsible for the growth and repair of cells and tissues. ii) Carbohydrates are the small molecule which is important for the energy production. iii) Lipids are the large molecule which helps in the cell membrane structure.

How do you plan on fighting boredom during the COVID-19 lockdowns?

I plan on fighting boredom during the COVID-19 lockdowns by staying active and engaged with the world around me. I will continue to work on my blog and connect with people online, while also getting outside for walks and fresh air when possible. I may also start some new hobbies or learning new things to keep myself occupied.

Taking a little poll Is any one familiar with DAS or know what it is?

DAS is a German company that manufactures electronic products, including radios and stereos.

Are there better solutions than paper straws, plastic straws are much better especially for milk shakes/smoothies and realistically how much plastic does that save?

There are a few better solutions than paper straws. One is to simply not use straws. If people are reducing their reliance on straws, that is the best solution. Second, metal straws can be reused multiple times and are recyclable.

Is it possible to boil a frozen fillet of fish for 20min no lid on the pot and it's still not cooked through?

If the fish is frozen, it is possible that it will not be cooked through after 20 minutes. It is important to cook frozen fish until it is cooked through to avoid foodborne illness.

Should an obese person be denied knee replacement surgery by her insurance company?

There is no clear answer, as insurance companies vary in their policies. Some insurance companies may deny coverage for knee replacement surgery to obese people, while others may cover it on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, it is up to the insurance company to decide whether or not to cover the surgery.

What is a conclusion about ghosts?

A conclusion about ghosts cannot be made because there is no scientific evidence that they exist.

Would Ezra Miller make a better Flash than Grant Gustin?

This is difficult to say as both Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin are great actors.

What is the origin of the proverb, "a bull does not become king by entering the palace, but the palace becomes a barn"?

There is no reliable source for this proverb.

Who would win, the god Susanoo, the eight-headed and eight-tailed snake Yamata no Orochi vs Itachi's Susanoo and Orochimaru's Eight Branches Technique?

It would be a close fight, but Susanoo and Orochimaru's Eight Branches Technique would eventually prevail.

What is it like to visit the Negev Desert while traveling in Jerusalem?

The best way to visit the Negev Desert is by jeep tour. This will allow you to see the majestic desert landscapes and wildlife up close.

Chickens: My white Cochin hen lays shell-less eggs and is extremely anti-social. Is something wrong?

There may be something wrong with your white Cochin hen if she is laying shell-less eggs and is extremely anti-social. It is best to consult with a veterinarian or a poultry specialist to determine if there is an underlying health issue.

Are Christian converts in India more likely to come from Hindu or Muslim background?

Christianity is a minority religion in India, with around 27 million followers, constituting 2.3% of the population. There are no definitive studies on the background of Indian Christian converts, but it is generally assumed that most come from a Hindu background. Muslims make up around 14% of the Indian population, so they are unlikely to be a significant source of Christian converts in India.

What does "well-guarded" mean in "The one had the rational, analytical, argumentative mind of a successful trial lawyer, the other the well-guarding intuitive faculties of a consummate politician"?

The term "well-guarded" is used to describe the intuition of a seasoned politician. This intuition allows them to have a strong understanding of what is going on around them and make decisions that will protect their interests.

What exactly happened when you were warned for copyright infringement? Was it a warning from a big company?

Was it made by state actors?

I was contacted by a representative from a major entertainment company who told me that I had committed copyright infringement and that I needed to take down any infringing material or face legal action.

What is the highest amount of kills you achieved in a game of PUBG?

There is no limit to the amount of kills you can achieve in PUBG.

How much time will it take for a stable black hole created on Earth to engulf the whole planet?

The Answer is: If a black hole were created on Earth, it would take less than a second for it to consume the entire planet.

What is the best music to listen to when under MDMA?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone experiences MDMA differently and therefore has different music tastes. However, many people find that upbeat and positive music enhances the effects of MDMA, so it is worth trying out a few different genres to see what works best for you.

A truck is loaded with 2000 kgs of iron and another identical truck is loaded with 2000 kgs of cotton. Both trucks are on the same rough road with the same speed. Is there a chance of overturning?

There is a chance of overturning.

Are you able to be simultaneously better than what you are?

It is possible to be simultaneously better than what you are, although it may not always be easy. For example, if you are currently a B student, it is possible to become an A student by studying more and/or getting better grades on assignments and tests. However, if you are currently an A student, it may be difficult to become a perfect score student.

What is your theory about the Other's return?

I believe that the Others are a figment of Ben's imagination, and that they are returning because he is losing his grip on reality.

How do muscles give us strength/the ability to lift heavy things? What are muscles actually?

Our muscles give us the ability to lift heavy things by contracting. They are made up of cells that have the ability to contract and produce force.

If it's true that men tend to compartmentalize their thoughts/feelings/areas of their lives (like boxes) while for woman everything is intermingled (like spaghetti), do men with high Intuition still do that as much as those with high Sensing?

If someone's score falls in the middle whilst their IQ doesn't, is this person still logical and assuming or just quick to conclude? Also, how accurate and detailed different Myers-Briggs detectives are?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone experiences the world differently and each personality type has its own unique way of perceiving and processing information. However, it is generally true that people with higher levels of intuition tend to be more abstract in their thinking and more open to new ideas and ways of looking at things. They may also be more creative and less likely to get bogged down in the details. People with higher levels of sensing, on the other hand, tend to be more practical and down-to-earth in their thinking. They may have a better memory for facts and details and may be more anchored in the here-and-now. As for how accurate different Myers-Briggs detectives are, it really depends on the individual and how much experience they have with the system. Some people are naturally very good at determining others' personality types, while others may require more practice.

In the off-season, why does MLB Network rename its flagship studio show "MLB Tonight" as "Hot Stove," when it is essentially the same show?

During the off-season, "MLB Tonight" is renamed "Hot Stove" because the show focuses on baseball news and rumors during the off-season.

Can FOIA requests be used to gather information from local and state agencies as well as federal?

Yes, the FOIA applies to all executive branch agencies at the federal level, and to corresponding agencies at the local and state level. In order to make a FOIA request from a local or state agency, you must submit your request to the specific agency from which you are seeking records.

Can Iran stabilize itself as a regional powerhouse?

There is no easy answer for this question. While Iran has the potential to emerge as a regional power, it faces significant challenges that could prevent it from doing so. These include economic problems, international sanctions, and internal political divisions.

What tips would you give a beginner to FL studio and music production in general?

1. Start by familiarizing yourself with the user interface anddifferent features of FL Studio.

2. Experiment with the various tools and features to get a feel for what they do.

3. Use the tutorials available online to help you learn the ropes of music production in FL Studio.

4. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. The best way to learn is by doing.

Who has visited the South Point Hotel Casino?

Some notable guests who have visited the South Point Hotel Casino include David Copperfield, Terry Fator, Carrot Top, George Lopez, Wayne Newton, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tim Allen, Il Divo, Boyz II Men, and more.

When Christians say, "God is not our genie," Is it because they know that he is weak and cannot answer prayers? And they feel that he is powerless in the pandemic? So much for a false almighty god, I see. Only a true deity answers prayers, right?

Does Health Wellness Life coaching also include health & fitness-oriented sessions? Is mental wellness a part of Health Wellness coaching?

Health wellness coaching may include health and fitness-oriented sessions, but this is not always the case. Mental wellness may be a part of health wellness coaching, but it is not always the focus.

Are any stamps from 1995 worth anything? I have a lot of sheets, don't want to start using for postage until I know if any unusual ones are there.

As of right now, there are no 1995 stamps worth anything.

Is it true that deep down, fear is the most powerful human force?

There is no certain answer to this question as everyone experiences and perceives fear differently. Some people may find that fear is a very powerful force in their lives while others may not feel that way. It is possible that deep down, fear is a powerful human force for some people, but it is also possible that it is not as powerful as other emotions or experiences.

If Dodik and Covic decide they want to break up Bosnia, what action will the UN, NATO, and EU take or will they abandon the Bosniaks once again?

The UN, NATO, and EU have not taken any definitive action in response to Dodik and Covic's proposal to break up Bosnia. However, given the history of violence and conflict in Bosnia, it is likely that they would be opposed to any such move.

How risky is the temporary use of SSRI medication on your long-term health and neurological functioning?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the long-term effects of SSRI medication use are not yet fully understood. However, some studies have suggested that there may be potential risks associated with long-term use of SSRI medication, including an increased risk for developing certain neurological disorders.

What is the figure of speech of the sentence "the future is your time and time is fleet"?

The sentence is an example of personification, as the future is given human qualities.

What are some let's play games you can watch over and over again?

Some let's play games you can watch over and over again include "Super Mario Odyssey," "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe," and "Splatoon 2."

If you are 18 what can you do to speed up your facial hair growth?

There is no proven way to speed up facial hair growth. Some people may suggest that you shave regularly, eat a balanced diet, and take supplements like biotin, but there is no scientific evidence that any of these methods are effective.

What is leverage in forex market? Explain with example?

Leverage is a loan that is provided to an investor by a broker in order to allow the investor to buy more shares than they would be able to without the leverage. For example, if an investor has $10,000 and wants to buy $100,000 worth of shares, the broker may provide them with $90,000 in leverage, meaning that the investor only needs to come up with $10,000 of their own money.

Did any England ever have a raiding culture? Did small boats or fleets without official sanction sail to Spain, Iceland, Denmark, etc. to attack seaside villages?

The English did have a raiding culture, particularly during the Viking Age. Small boats or fleets without official sanction did sail to Spain, Iceland, Denmark, and other countries to attack seaside villages.

How often are babies born and the parents don’t have a name picked out?

According to a Nameberry.com poll of nearly 1,000 expectant parents, 8% of couples wait until their baby is born to start discussing names, and another 8% don’t discuss names at all – the name just comes to them. So approximately one in six parents don't have a name picked out when their baby is born.

Which seasonal fruits and fruit juices should we take in summer?

watermelon, lemonade, grapefruit, orange juice, mango, cherry

KNOCK KNEES: Will I get permanent rejection in air force medical exam if my knees touch only slightly?

There is no definitive answer, as each branch of the military has different medical standards. That being said, if your knees only touch slightly, it is unlikely that you will be rejected from the air force medical exam.

How do I make a table tennis door?

There is no official size or regulation for a table tennis door, but a simple way to make one is to use a rope or string stretched across a doorway.

As a practicing Christian, what advice do you have for your fellow brethren?

Patience is key. As our world becomes more and more secular, it can be easy to get discouraged. We need to remember that Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of patience and love, and if we follow his example, we will be victorious in the end.

What instruments are usually used in marching bands?

Instrumentation for marching bands generally includes brass instruments, woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments.

Why do most people want RedWolves or Redtails to be Washington’s next name?

There are a few reasons why most people want RedWolves or Redtails to be Washington’s next name. First, both of these names are very Native American-inspired, which is something that many people in the Washington area have been pushing for. Second, both of these names would keeping the color red as part of the team’s identity, which is something else that many fans are attached to. Lastly, both of these names just sound really cool and would likely be very popular with the fans.

How did the two political parties in the USA come about and adopting their symbols, Republicans with an elephant and Democrats with a Donkey?

The two political parties in the USA came about and adopting their symbols, Republicans with an elephant and Democrats with a Donkey because they needed to differentiate between the two.

Which fears did you overcome during the CoVID-19 pandemic?

I overcame my fear of getting sick, my fear of being alone, and my fear of the future.

What is easier to achieve, stopping aging or colonising Mars?

Stopping aging is much easier to achieve than colonizing Mars.

Why are Google and Apple going to make it easier to put smart phones down? Isn't that going to create short term issues in revenue?

Google and Apple are going to make it easier to put smart phones down because they want people to be more present in their everyday lives. They believe that if people are constantly looking at their phones, they are not fully engaged in the world around them. While this may create some short-term issues in revenue, Google and Apple believe that it is more important to create an overall healthy culture.

Do people nearing death talk about visits from deceased loved ones before they pass on?

Some people do, but not everyone.

Is the 1965 Mustang a safe car?

There is no definitive answer, as safety is relative. The 1965 Mustang was not equipped with some of the safety features that are common in modern cars, so it may not meet today's standards. However, it was a well-built car for its time and should be considered safe for use on the road.

What countries with official languages other than English could a native English speaker move to and get by in with little of the native language? Would not speaking the language fluently affect immigration?

Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois

How should your boyfriend react when you tell him you don’t want him heart reacting to his female friends stuff? (Even after admitting it makes you feel insecure) like he likes her more than you (because he never heart reacts to my post) 😢

It sounds like your boyfriend's actions are causing you to feel insecure in your relationship. It's important to communicate your concerns to him directly and honestly. If your boyfriend is truly interested in maintaining a committed and monogamous relationship with you, then he should be willing to listen to your concerns and take steps to address them. For example, he might agree to limit his interactions with other women on social media, or commit to spending more time with you. If your boyfriend is unwilling or unable to address your concerns, then that could be indicative of a more serious problem in the relationship.

Why do people not realize babies grow up? I see so many parents wanting small kids and then losing interest or even affection when children start growing even a bit older.

There are a number of reasons why people do not realize that babies grow up. First, it is difficult to see the long-term when you are in the moment. Second, babies are so cute and small that it is easy to forget they will eventually grow into adults. Third, many parents are not prepared for the challenge of raising a child into adulthood. Lastly, some parents simply lose interest in their children as they age.

What did you do after following your dream and ending up in debt?

I would try to find a way to make money doing what I love. If that didn't work out, I would get a job in a related field to help pay off my debt.

What is the better option (cash or 125% travel credit) for a suspended cruise now that major cruise lines have agreed to voluntarily extend a suspension of operations out of U.S. ports until Sept. 15?

The better option for a suspended cruise now that major cruise lines have agreed to voluntarily extend a suspension of operations out of U.S. ports until Sept. 15 is the 125% travel credit.

Why don't fast food restaurants allow for tips?

There are a few reasons. One reason is that it would slow down the line if customers were allowed to stop and leave a tip. Another reason is that many fast food restaurants are operated by franchises, so the owner of the franchise may not want to allow tipping because it would take away from their profits.

Is it true that if you turn a guitar around, flip it over and restring it the opposite way that you can turn a right handed guitar into a left-handed guitar?

Yes, this is true! You can turn a right-handed guitar into a left-handed guitar by turning it around, flipping it over, and restringing it the opposite way.

Why have people been complaining about Fortnite not having enough content when the more popular Minecraft doesn't get updates much often either?

The main difference is that Minecraft has had regular updates for years, while Fortnite just came out in 2017. So, people are used to Minecraft getting regular updates, while they're still getting used to Fortnite.

Why did my friends desert me cause guys liked me, and they said I keep stealing their boyfriends away from them?

There could be a few reasons why your friends deserted you after guys started showing interest in you. It's possible that your friends were jealous of the attention you were getting from guys, and felt like you were "stealing" their boyfriends away by flirting with them. Additionally, if you started dating one of their ex-boyfriends, that could have been the straw that broke the camel's back. Ultimately, it's important to remember that not everyone is going to get along, and sometimes it's just best to move on from toxic friendships.

What are some great examples of packaging reduction based on impact?

Glass packaging instead of plastic; using recycled materials; using less packaging overall.

With all the recent headlines surrounding Ray Rice (NFL Football player for the Ravens), where do you stand on the topic of a man putting his hands on a woman, if the woman put her hands on him first, or worse, spit on him, without prior provocation?

The headlines surrounding Ray Rice are very upsetting, and my heart goes out to his wife. I do not condone violence against women, period.

Could a person lose speaking skills as a result of smoking a lot of marijuana?

There is no definitive answer to this question as marijuana use can affect people in different ways. Some users may find that their speaking skills are impaired after smoking marijuana, while others may not notice any difference. The effects of marijuana on speech may also vary depending on how often it is used and the person's individual physiology.

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