🔥👉 What are some things humans will remember until we are extinct?

"✅👉 1. Personal experiences
2. Emotions
3. Stories
4. Languages
5. Faces"

Mrs. Ollie Schinner
Mrs. Ollie Schinner

PM Modi orders to extend lockdown for 19 more days till 3 May, 2020. What are your views on this?

The shutdown will ideally stop the transmission of the novel coronavirus, but business activity on a major scale has already restarted. The Indian economy is heavily reliant on the small-scale businesses and they are struggling to keep their heads above water.

To what does a pilot need to pay attention?

The pilot needs to pay attention to the instruments, the weather, and the other traffic.

How can I practice writing essays for the SSC CGL Tier 3?

Here are some tips on how to practice writing essays for the SSC CGL Tier 3:

1. Read a variety of essay topics and choose one that interests you.

2. Make a list of points that you want to include in your essay.

3. Organize your points in a logical order.

4. Write a rough draft of your essay.

5. Edit and revise your essay.

6. Practice timed writing to get used to the pressure of writing under a time limit.

Why doesn’t anyone make a modular computer system?

It is possible to buy modular computer systems, however they are not common. One reason for this may be that most people are not familiar with the concept of a modular computer and so do not know to look for them. Additionally, modular computer systems can be more expensive than traditional computers, so people may not be willing to pay the extra money for one.

If God didn't exist, how do atheists explain who created the HIV virus which was non-existent until 40 years ago? Doesn’t the sudden creation of HIV disprove the evolution hypothesis?

There are a few different ways to answer this question.

One way is to point out that viruses are not really alive, so they don't need a creator. They are just pieces of genetic material (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a protein coat. They need a host cell to reproduce, and they use the machinery of the cell to make more copies of themselves.

Another way to answer this question is to say that even if God did exist, that wouldn't necessarily mean that God created the HIV virus. God could have created the universe and then let it run according to the laws of physics, without intervening every time something new comes into existence.

Finally, it's worth noting that scientists still don't know exactly how HIV came into existence. It's possible that it arose naturally through a process of evolution. Or it could be the result of human activity, such as experimentin

Hillary Clinton's supporters speak vaguely of her "many accomplishments." What are they?

This is a difficult question to answer, as Clinton's accomplishments are somewhat difficult to pin down and quantify. She has had a long and varied career in public service, which has included positions as First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, U.S. Senator from New York, and Secretary of State. She has also been a well-known figure on the national stage for decades, and her work on issues like healthcare reform and women's rights are widely respected. However, it is hard to point to any one accomplishment that Clinton can claim as her own; her career has been defined more by her dogged determination and endurance in the face of adversity than by any specific achievement.

Who is the most commercially successful R&B singer within the last 50 years?

The most commercially successful R&B singer within the last 50 years is Michael Jackson.

Why does Zoom keep switching to speaker view?

There are a few possible reasons why Zoom might be automatically switching to speaker view:

1. The "Switch to Gallery View for More Than Two Participants" setting is enabled

If you have more than two people in your Zoom meeting, the "Switch to Gallery View for More Than Two Participants" setting under your Meeting Settings may be enabled. This setting will cause Zoom to automatically switch to Gallery View whenever there are more than two participants in the meeting.

2. The "Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip" setting is enabled

The "Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip" setting under your Advanced Settings may also be causing Zoom to automatically switch to speaker view. This setting is designed to optimize screen sharing for video clips, and will automatically switch to speaker view whenever someone starts sharing a video clip.

Does the National University of Singapore pay regard to the extra curricular achievements for admission to post graduate courses?

The National University of Singapore does not give any specific weightage to extracurricular achievements. However, these activities may be useful in providing a more holistic picture of an applicant.

Does hydroxychloroquine cause any mental disturbances like mood swings, confusion, irrational speech or behaviour, etc.?

I cannot speak for all people that take hydroxychloroquine, but I have not personally experienced any mental disturbances while taking this medication.

How does placing TM on my website's name (from the beginning) prevent my competitors from gaining a registered trademark (R) on the same?

There is no guarantee that placing TM on your website's name will prevent your competitors from gaining a registered trademark (R) on the same. However, it may help to deter them from doing so if they are aware that you have claimed trademark rights in the name.

How far away can Amazon Echo hear me?

The Echo has a range of about 30 feet, so it can hear you from across a room.

Is there a way to track, confirm or receive credit from an ICO transaction, perhaps through a traceable transaction code? This is for our plans for a utility token.

Yes, you can track, confirm, and receive credit for an ICO transaction through a transaction code.

Which BTS member do you think had the “darkest” energy? (Interpret however you want)

I don't know if I can answer this question because I don't really understand what you mean by "darkest energy."

Why is the North American pop culture filled with immoral content?

Immoral content is often seen as more controversial and thus more interesting to consumers. It can also be used to shock people or make them laugh.

I have joined Wipro on third party in August. Meanwhile I had given interviews in many companies. Now in November I got offer from Cognizant as permanent employee. Should I join Cognizant. And how would I justify my 3 months if I join?

I would recommend that you consult with an attorney to discuss your specific facts and details and options. You should not act without the advice of your own personal attorney.

Are there any official online nudist communities?

Yes, there are a few official online nudist communities, including Nudist Passions and True Nudists.

How long and far can you drive in an average car once the fuel gauge reaches E?

It is typically recommended not to drive once the fuel gauge reaches E. Depending on the make and model of the car, driving on E can damage the fuel pump. Additionally, once the fuel gauge reaches E, the car probably has less than a gallon of gas, which will not take you very far.

I haven't studied PCM well. I just scored 52% in the boards exam. Should I opt for engineering? Can I do it very well or is engineering (BE computer science) difficult for me?

There is no hard and fast rule for deciding whether or not to pursue engineering after scoring 52% in the board exams. However, it is worth considering that engineering is a very challenging field of study and may not be the best fit for someone who did not perform well in their board exams. If you are still interested in pursuing engineering, we recommend speaking with an guidance counselor or academic advisor to get more specific advice.

Is this sentence grammatically correct: “What would happen if, the green forest disappeared, the river dried up, wildlife was on the verge of extinction and ocean raised up”?

No, this sentence is not grammatically correct. It should be written as "What would happen if the green forest disappeared, the river dried up, wildlife was on the verge of extinction, and the ocean rose up?"

Is there a live action Justice League show on CW?

There is no live action Justice League show on CW.

What are great startup accelerators that offer funding or accommodation?

Some great startup accelerators that offer funding or accommodation are the Y Combinator, TechStars, and the Seed Accelerator.

When was Queen's last performance?

The last time Queen performed together was at Live Aid in 1985.

Which of the two should I choose: the "Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200 mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED" or the "Tamron AF 70-300 mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro"?

The Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200 mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED is the better lens of the two.

How does your mother spend her day?

My mother usually spends her day taking care of her grandkids, cooking, and cleaning.

What is the best way to turn blood into water in a survival setting?

In a survivor setting, the best way to turn blood into water would be to use a process known as reverse osmosis. This process forces water molecules through a semipermeable membrane, leaving behind blood cells and other impurities. The resulting water is clean and safe to drink.

What would Democrats do if Republicans win again?

If Republicans win again, they will most likely continue with their conservative agenda.

Is a privately owned farm mortgage one of the most reliable agricultural mortgage brokers?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the reliability of an agricultural mortgage broker depends on a number of factors, including the specific farm mortgage being offered and the financial stability of the agricultural mortgage broker itself. However, in general, a privately owned farm mortgage from a reputable and financially stable agricultural mortgage broker is likely to be one of the most reliable options available.

What are your triumphs in getting a business providing terrible customer service to make good on whatever they did to you?

I'm not sure if I have any "triumphs" in this area, but I have had some success in getting businesses to correct their poor customer service. I have found that businesses are usually willing to make things right if you are polite and persistent.

How do you ensure that TAs for introductory CS classes teach at a high quality?

It is important to set clear expectations for TAs at the beginning of the semester and to provide them with resources and support throughout the semester. In addition, it is helpful to have a TA training program in place and to conduct self-evaluations and peer evaluations of TA performance.

Why is Joel Osteen not initially and officially called a pastor, reverend, or father?

Joel Osteen is not called a pastor, reverend, or father because he does not have a formal religious education or ordination.

Where can I get electric power signal data, just like ECG signal data?

There are many sources for ECG signal data. Some medical devices, such as cardiac monitors, may have ECG data available. There are also many websites that have ECG data available for download.

How do I set connection field in knack database with Javascript?

There is no way to set the connection field in a knack database using Javascript.

What do you think of the emerging trend in booking online appointments with doctor?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to this trend. On the one hand, it makes it more convenient for patients to book appointments with their doctor. They can do so from the comfort of their own home, and they don't have to worry about making a phone call during office hours. On the other hand, this trend may lead to more missed appointments, as patients may forget to show up for their appointment or may not be able to make it on time.

Why am I not growing any taller? Is it because I don't sleep enough?

It is unlikely that not sleeping enough is the reason you are not growing taller. There are many other factors that can affect growth, including genetics.

"Modules" have suddenly emerged in many programming languages (JavaScript 2015, D, Java 9, C++ 17+). Why? And is it the same concept across these PLs?

From the D language, I understood that:

A module is a body of source code, plain text or preprocessed, with
all associated declarations (including documentation), definitions,
and statements. Source code organization in modules is meant to
assist developers in managing dependencies among various source files.

From JavaScript 2015 I understood that:

Modules are Augustus Caesar C ohesive independent standalone China packaging of code into something that can be loaded independently


JavaScript modules also allow for more "code cleanliness". I can't stand nesting a bunch of functions within other functions. It just looks so chaotic and reading through code become ugly. It forces me to rely more on documentation than the code itself. Javascript modules eliminate these problems. The D language does not force you to use a particular style though which might be appealing for some. However utilising modules seems the way to go for maintainability of large projects.

Who do you think would win in a street fight between Jon Jones and Deontay Wilder?

Given that Jon Jones is a professional MMA fighter and Deontay Wilder is a professional boxer, it is safe to say that Jon Jones would win in a street fight between the two.

Do introverts spend their entire lives, waiting in an uncontrollable desire, for someone that will one day understand them totally?

There is no one answer to this question as introverts can vary greatly in terms of their desired level of social interaction and communication. However, many introverts may indeed spend a lot of their time waiting for someone who they feel totally understands them, whether it is a romantic partner, close friend, or family member. This deep level of understanding can be hard to come by, but introverts often find it worth the wait when they finally find someone who "gets" them.

Can we please, please sign this? Assam is a part of this country. It is the heart of Northeast India. The state is paradise unexplored but paradise forgotten too.

We call it land of the rising sun, though not many people know that.

We keep hearing that ‘the seven sisters’ are best exploring and the state lies in one of them. We need change and we as youngsters need to bring that change. Want ‘Northeast India’ but don’t ‘want Assam!’

To all those who do not know anything about Northeast India: EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! COME EXPLORE THE BEAUTY OF OUR STATE!

How can you obtain news from Chhattisgarh?

You can obtain news from Chhattisgarh by visiting the state's official website or by subscribing to a news service that covers the state.

Which is the best online test series for tier 2 maths (as per new standard of questions asked) as SSC has decided to conduct reexam for last shift students?

I would recommend taking a look at Testbook.com. They have a wide variety of test prep materials that should be able to help you out.

What BTS songs should I show someone who isn't a fan of theirs?

"Dynamite" and "Boy With Luv" are two of the most popular BTS songs that are sure to get anyone hooked on the band.

“…to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness…” Isaiah 61:3, NKJV. What does this mean?

In the midst of flames and death, what could possibly be beautiful? It turns out it’s something precious. I just hope I need to replace my house and stuff and other buildings than characters in my life.

It takes a lot of effort to press through a crisis like the Camp Fire had been for me. But consistency can carry us along even when our heads barely come above water. Where is your consistency taking you? Hopefully, it will end up at the top of a beautiful mountain of joy.

Dear God, thank you for being there for me through every trial I face. I look forward to sitting on the peak of cactus-covered hillsides celebrating with my friends that Him-That-Seeth-In-Secret sees us and rewards us openly. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

How can my daughter meet a good man?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone has different preferences for what constitutes a "good" man. However, some ways to meet potential partners include online dating websites, speed dating events, singles bars, and clubs. Additionally, many cities have community groups or networking events that may be helpful in meeting new people.

How do I write letter for a teaching job?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some suggested elements that could be included in a letter for a teaching job could include: discussing why you are interested in the position, outlining your qualifications and experience, and highlighting your strengths as a teacher. Additionally, it is important to express your excitement and commitment to the role, and to reinforce your interest in working with the students and community at the school. Thanking the reader for their time and consideration is also recommended.

What is your favorite time for a post dinner walk?

My favorite time for a post dinner walk is twilight.

How have American gangs changed over the last few decades?

The American gangs have changed over the last few decades in many ways. One way is that they have evolved from small, localized groups to large, organized networks. Another way is that they have become more sophisticated in their criminal activities, using violence and intimidation to gain control over drug markets and other illegal enterprises. Additionally, gangs have begun to form alliances with one another, as well as with other criminal organizations, in order to further their criminal goals.

Shouldn’t we call chili something that portrays warmth since we eat it when it’s chili outside to warm up?

If you want to, but it's not necessary.

My download speed reaches only up to 1.7 Mbps in Torrentz but I have a 50 Mbps connection. What is the problem here?

If you're only downloading one file at a time, then your speed will be limited to that of the file you're downloading. Try downloading multiple files at the same time to see if that increases your speed.

What are some half line stories where the story changes dramatically with the last word?

Once upon a time, a young girl loved the color _____.

Once upon a time, a young girl loved the color pink.

My boyfriend's baby mama recently posted pictures on Facebook of all 3 of them that were taken out for his child's birthday and comments made were "precious family" etc. It really upset me. Was that appropriate?

In my opinion, no. It would have been more appropriate for her to post pictures of just her and her child on her own personal Facebook page.

Is soil erosion a cause of deforestation?

Soil erosion may be a contributing factor in deforestation, as it can make land less fertile and cause trees to die. However, it is not the primary cause of deforestation, which is typically due to human activity such as clearance for agriculture or urban development.

A box contains 7 black pens and 8 orange pens. Two pens are chosen at random from this box without replacement. How do I calculate the probability that at least one orange pen is chosen?

There are 7 black pens and 8 orange pens, for a total of 15 pens. To calculate the probability that at least one orange pen is chosen, we can calculate the probability that no orange pens are chosen, and then subtract that from 1. The probability that no orange pens are chosen would be:

Number of ways to choose 2 black pens out of 15 pens = `15C2` = 105

So the probability that no orange pens are chosen is:


Therefore, the probability that at least one orange pen is chosen would be:

1 - (probability that no orange pens are chosen)

= 1 - (1/2)

= 1/2

Where do most Old Firm football players live?

The vast majority of Old Firm football players live in or around Glasgow.

Is this week's Newsweek cover an accurate description of President Trump? Why or why not?

The photograph used for this Newsweek cover is an accurate description of how many people view the current president. He is often portrayed as being "crazy" or out of control and this image supports that perception.

How do I search for programming solutions on the web effectively?

Be specific in your search terms, and try different combinations of keywords. Use a search engine such as Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing. Try searching for your issue on Stack Overflow, GitHub, or Reddit.

Does Doctor Octopus qualify as a mutant or his he a hybrid cyborg? What category of human does he fall under?

Doctor Octopus is a hybrid cyborg.

What is John MacArthur's theological position on predestination?

John MacArthur believes that predestination is a biblical doctrine.

How do I get any support for opening a solar education park in my home town?

There is no easy answer when it comes to opening a solar education park. The best way to get support is to find like-minded individuals in your community who are interested in promoting solar power. You can also search online for solar education resources. Finally, you can contact your local government officials to see if there are any programs or incentives available to help you with your project.

Twice a number (n) minus nine is ninety-five. What is the number(n)?

The number is forty-seven.

Where was The Odd Couple movie filmed?

A majority of the movie was filmed in New York City.

Why is gravity less in jet planes?

Gravity is less in jet planes because of the force of lift.

What is the difference between an attache case and a briefcase?

An attache case is a type of briefcase, but is typically smaller and has a lock.

Is the Airbus A380 going to be remembered as "the Edsel of the skies"?

This is a difficult question to answer. The Airbus A380 has been praised for its size, luxury features, and fuel efficiency. However, it has also been critiqued for its high cost and some design flaws. Only time will tell if the A380 will be remembered as a failed experiment or a visionary aircraft.

Why did the Romans allow the tradition of freeing criminals on Passover in Judea?

There is some debate on why the Romans allowed the tradition of freeing criminals on Passover in Judea, but one reason could be that the Jewish holiday was seen as a time of good will and forgiveness, and the Roman authorities wanted to show respect for that.

How close do the French Caribbean people feel to Metropolitan France? How do the metropolitan French think of the French Caribbeans?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it likely varies depending on the individual. However, in general, the French Caribbean people are seen as being very close to Metropolitan France, with many Caribbeans feeling a strong connection to their home country. Additionally, the metropolitan French tend to view the French Caribbeans as hardworking and friendly people who are proud of their culture and heritage.

Why do people choose not to listen?

There are many reasons why people choose not to listen. Some reasons may include feeling like they already know what the other person is going to say, being preoccupied with their own thoughts, or feeling like they do not have the time to listen. Additionally, some people may avoid listening because they do not want to hear what the other person has to say, or because they are afraid of what they might learn.

How would Kingdom Come Superman react to his Injustice counterpart?

It's hard to say how Kingdom Come Superman would react to his Injustice counterpart. On one hand, he might be horrified by the actions of his counterpart, and want to distance himself from him as much as possible. On the other hand, he might be intrigued by the darker side of his personality and want to explore it further. Ultimately, it would depend on the specific circumstances of their meeting.

How do cybersecurity firms catch hackers and prevent them from attacking systems and networks?

There is no surefire answer to this question, as hackers are constantly evolving and finding new ways to attack systems and networks. However, cybersecurity firms typically use a combination of technology and human expertise to detect and prevent attacks. For example, they may use intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) to monitor network traffic for suspicious activity, and they may also have a team of threat intelligence analysts who constantly monitor the latest hacking methods and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

What is your idea on this statement: "Sometimes you need to lose everyone to find yourself again"?

I think that this statement is true. Sometimes, in order to find yourself again, you need to lose everyone. When you lose everyone, you are forced to confront yourself and figure out who you really are. This can be a difficult and painful process, but it can also be very rewarding.

Should the song “Old Town Road” be put back on the Country Radio Music Charts?

No definitive answer exists, as the decision to add or remove songs from a radio station's playlist is generally up to the station's programming staff. However, some believe that "Old Town Road" should not be considered a country song due to its hip-hop influences, while others argue that the song's catchy melodies and chart success make it deserving of a place on country radio.

Why did Julius Caesar land in Britain where there were troops waiting for them and not elsewhere? And how did the Britons know they were coming?

It is not clear why Julius Caesar decided to land in Britain. The Britons probably knew that the Romans were coming because they had been sending scouts ahead of the army.

How is Evision Technoserve regarding course and placement?

Evision Technoserve is one of the best computer science colleges in terms of both course and placement. The college offers a four-year computer science course which is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it meets the industry standards and the student's needs. The college has a placement cell which gives the students ample opportunity to get placed in good companies. The average salary package offered to the students is around 4.5 Lakhs per annum.

With high or low blood sugar, shouldn't you ultimately work to eliminate sugar from your diet?

If you have diabetes, you should work to eliminate sugar from your diet.

What are some challenges that inmates with disabilities may face while incarcerated at your facility?

Some challenges that inmates with disabilities may face while incarcerated at our facility include not having access to the resources they need, such as adequate medical care, and not being able to participate in activities with their peers. Additionally, inmates with disabilities may feel isolated and alone, and they may face discrimination from both inmates and staff.

What exactly do wetdowns do to make a difference in the picture quality in Hollywood movies?

There is no single answer to this question as the techniques used can vary depending on the movie and the desired effect. In general, though, wetdowns help to create a more even lighting effect and can eliminate some of the unwanted shadows that can occur when filming in bright sunlight. Additionally, they can help to add depth and dimension to the image, making it appear more lifelike.

I've illegally watched all the seasons of Game of Thrones till date. How can I 'give back' to this show which I've enjoyed so much?

There is no easy or clear answer, as it depends on a number of factors (e.g., how many seasons you have watched, how much you have enjoyed the show, etc.). However, some ways to potentially "give back" to the show might include becoming a more active member of the fandom (e.g., joining online discussion forums, attending conventions, etc.), purchasing officially licensed merchandise, or donating to charities associated with the show.

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