🔥👉 Should social workers be paid more? Why?

"✅👉 There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on many factors, such as the specific duties of the social worker, the level of experience, and the geographical location. However, some people argue that social workers should be paid more because of the emotionally demanding nature of the job and the high levels of stress associated with it."

Jean Denesik
Jean Denesik

Was the manipulation and turning of Anakin Skywalker by Sheev Palpatine only possible because of darkness already within him?

Yes, Anakin Skywalker was already susceptible to the dark side of the Force and this made him easy to manipulate by Sheev Palpatine.

How was Ultron able to immediately kill Jarvis?

We don't know. It's possible that Ultron was able to hack into Jarvis and kill him remotely, or that he had some other way of remotely accessing and killing Jarvis.

Can a fighter jet fly only on electrics?

Yes, a fighter jet can fly using only electric power. However, the range and speed of the aircraft will be limited by the battery capacity.

When did you make a really good impression moving into a new English town?

I moved to a new town when I was in college and made a really good impression by being friendly and outgoing. I met a lot of people quickly and made friends easily. I was also involved in a lot of activities on campus, so I was always busy and had something to do.

Since the US federal government is not doing much to fight the pandemic, could the states bypass it by allying or coordinating with each other to get medical equipment and coordinate measures?

Each state has a unique relationship with the federal government, so it is difficult to say if they would be able to bypass the federal government to get medical equipment and coordinate measures. It is possible that some states may be able to work together to get the resources they need, but it is also possible that the federal government could block these efforts.

Have Quora users noticed that their upvotes on answers are not visible sometimes, but visible when the answer is in a list of answers to a question?

There is no definite answer to this question as it is difficult to track whether or not views on Quora are influenced by list placement. However, it is plausible that Quora users are more likely to upvote answers that are more accessible, meaning that answers that are higher up on a list are more likely to receive upvotes.

What does first love smell like?

First love smells like new car smell.

Where was Melania on January 6th, while the rest of the family was dancing under the white tent?

Some reports say that Melania was in the White House while others say she was at Mar-a-Lago.

Why does the Chinese government love war and conflict rather than peace?

There is no easy answer to this question as there are a variety of factors that contribute to the Chinese government's love of war and conflict. Some possible reasons include the government's desire to maintain power and control, nationalism, and a belief that war and conflict are necessary to achieve economic goals.

In which room did Jack and Rossi stay?

The Jack and Rossi stayed in room number ten.

Where does North Korea get its oil and natural gas?

North Korea's main sources of oil and natural gas are China and Russia.

Should I go to an Ivy League graduate school on student loan or average public graduate school with scholarship?

It depends on your academic goals and interests. If you want to pursue a career in academia or research, then an Ivy League graduate school may be a better fit. However, if you're interested in a more practical or vocational field, then a public graduate school may be a better option.

What is Multi & Single while testing speed on Ookla?

Multi is the number of devices that are connected to the internet at the same time. Single is the number of devices that are connected to the internet one at a time.

I just took 16 nurofen and 3 paracetamol. Will this do significant harm to a 14-year-old girl who is 14 stone? Yes, I know I weigh a lot. I am also 5 ft 5.

There is always the potential for harm when taking any medication, but the likelihood of significant harm from taking this particular combination of medications at the stated doses is low.

Is it possible to contain a bolt of lightning inside of an extremely strong dynamic magnetic field?

Yes, it is possible.

Why do you need to keep a disk in a console, or computer, to play a game? Isn’t the disk just read once and a program is run based on what’s on the disk?

The disk is used as a way to authenticate that the game being played is a legitimate copy, and not a pirated copy. The disk is read when the game is launched, and a program on the disk checks to see if the game is a legitimate copy. If it is, the game is allowed to run. If it isn’t, the game won’t launch.

Is Linux mail command information on our mail command page?

No, Linux mail command information is not on our mail command page.

Why do Israelis not think of Jews who converted to other religions that they have the same claim to the land? What about Canaanites? Do they think Canaanites vanished? Are people of Jewish religion the only legitimate claimers despite ancestry?

The answer may vary depending on who you ask, but one reason Israelis may not think of Jews who converted to other religions as having the same claim to the land is because Judaism is typically passed down through the mother, meaning that even if someone converts to another religion, they are not considered Jewish according to traditional Jewish law. Additionally, many Israelis believe that the Jewish people have a unique connection to the land of Israel, which is something that cannot be replicated by anyone else.

I know you can wet forming/molding leather, but can you do this technique with faux leather? Will it work and can it be molded like so or is it useless?

Please let me know.
This is for a flat mushroom. It's not a very big mushroom and I didn't mark any lines because I just wanted to see if it would work before moving on with further project.


Question is, what kind of cloth is it? Faux means false... how false is it? Is it plastic? Then you are dealing with properties that are more like food wrap. If It's cloth then you have some possibilities but not worlds... But just to be clear NO

There is less street harassment of women in China than in many countries. How can China preserve this positive aspect of its culture?

There is no certain answer, but one approach would be to continue educating people on the importance of respecting personal space and not invading others' privacy, particularly in public spaces. Additionally, campaigns and awareness-raising efforts focused on the negative impact of street harassment could help to discourage this behavior.

Is it flirting when a male friend puts his hands on your shoulders and side of neck? There is no rubbing involved.

It could be seen as flirting, but it could also just be a friendly gesture. If there is no rubbing or other flirtatious behavior, then it is probably just a friendly gesture.

Is there an obligation on the government to respect international law?

The government is not obligated to respect international law, but it may choose to do so.

What is your best, "she liked me, but I missed my chance" story?

I was in high school and had a huge crush on this girl. I was too shy to do anything about it, and eventually she started dating someone else. I was heartbroken.

How can someone with social anxiety best control their body language to appear more confident?

If someone with social anxiety wants to control their body language to appear more confident, they can try to keep their shoulders relaxed and down, their chin up, and their hands at their sides. They should also avoid fidgeting and make sure to make eye contact when speaking to others.

I am 28 years old & due to cavity I lost my 6 teeth 3 years ago. Is it possible to regrow tooth at the age of 28?

It is possible to get dental implants at any age.

Does a Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer work?

There is no scientific evidence that quantum magnetic resonance analyzers work. The supposed principle behind these devices is Resonant Nuclear Magnetic Absorption, which is a real phenomenon. However, there is no scientific evidence that this phenomenon can be used for medical diagnosis. In addition, the FDA has issued warnings about quantum magnetic resonance analyzers, stating that they are fraudulent and that there is no evidence that they are effective.

What is the minimum size of a set of vertices whose removal leaves a graph with no cycles with length under k (k is a constant)?

There is no minimum size, as removing any set of vertices from a graph will result in a graph with no cycles.

What are the causes of a corn in leg? How do I cure it without going to a doctor?

A corn in the leg is often caused by friction and pressure, such as from shoes that are too tight. Treatment typically involves removing the source of the friction and pressure, as well as protecting the area with a corn plaster or pad.

Is it right decision to choose Dinesh Karthik over Rishabh Pant for ODI World Cup 2019?

It is difficult to say whether it was the right decision to choose Dinesh Karthik over Rishabh Pant for the ODI World Cup 2019. Both players have their strengths and weaknesses. Pant is a better batsman, but Karthik is a more experienced wicket-keeper. In the end, it may come down to who the captain and coaching staff feel is the best option for the team.

Do you believe winning the lottery is purely a matter of luck?

For some people, winning the lottery may seem like it is purely a matter of luck. However, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Playing the lottery regularly and choosing numbers that have personal significance to you may help to increase your chances of winning.

When I turn my head to the right, I feel and hear a pop sound in my neck. Should I be worried?

If you are experiencing pain, numbness, or tingling in your arms or legs, you should see a doctor.

How do I help my parents understand my sisters problems?

One way to help your parents understand your sister's problems is to talk to them about it. Explain what your sister is going through and why you think she is having these problems. Try to be understanding and compassionate towards your sister, and let your parents know that you are there for her if she needs you. You can also suggest ways that they can help your sister, such as providing support and understanding.

Is sleeping 15 - 18 hours a day normal I usually sleep about 10-12 but now I need more?

Sleeping 15-18 hours per day is not considered normal. If this is a sudden change for you, it may be due to an underlying medical condition, so you should speak with your doctor as soon as possible.

Is it normal to have a heavy period flow for your second ever period?

There is no normal when it comes to periods. Every woman experiences them differently.

How does bacteria interact with Hydrogen and oxygen in Water? Does the bacteria break few bonds between hydrogen and oxygen to place itself in water?

Bacteria interact with water by breaking the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen to release energy.

How did they make animations in live action black and white films like The Bishop's Wife?

Paintings were often used as backgrounds for black and white live action films. Animators would paint the background and then photograph it. They would then photograph the live action footage and composite it with the painting.

What is the extent of a high school basketball coach's power?

High school basketball coaches typically have a great deal of power within their programs. They are often able to make decisions about things like playing time, team strategy, and even disciplinary action. In some cases, they may also be able to influence decisions made by the school administration or booster club.

Can you explain how the following is true, how you got your answer, and what the answer actually is: “If 1/2 of 5 is 3, then what is 1/3 of 10”?

The answer is 5. This is true because if 1/2 of 5 is 3, then 1/3 of 10 must be 5. This is because 1/3 is equivalent to 2/6. So, if 1/2 of 5 is 3, then 2/6 of 10 must be 5.

Does the existence of the Chinese Communist Party for a hundred years indicate the failure of the Western political system?

No, the existence of the Chinese Communist Party for a hundred years does not indicate the failure of the Western political system. The Communist Party of China is a specific political party in China with a different ideology than the Western political system.

What state means “snow covered” in Spanish?

La nieve cubierta

How can I remove a friend on Messenger so that I don't have to ever see his face again and I've temporarily disabled my Facebook account?

Go to your friends list on Messenger and find the friend that you want to remove. Tap on the Friend icon and then tap on the remove friend option.

What is the easiest trail up Mt. Monadnock?

The easiest trail up Mt. Monadnock is the White Dot Trail.

Who originally said "lead, follow or get out of the way"?

Thomas Paine

Why does the colour of phenolphthalein disappear when we add a base in excess?

Phenolphthalein is an indicator. Indicators change color based on the pH of the solution they are in. In solutions with a pH below 8, phenolphthalein is colorless. In solutions with a pH above 10, phenolphthalein is pink. Therefore, when we add a base in excess, the phenolphthalein will change color from pink to colorless because the solution becomes more basic.

What are examples of items wrongly labelled as bad design? What designs will you be willing to defend?

Some people might consider the following designs to be examples of bad design:

1. The square shape of the dinner plate
2. The pyramid shape of a drinking glass
3. The cylindrical shape of a vase
4. The rectangular shape of a cutting board
5. The triangular shape of a pizza slice

On the other hand, some people might argue that these designs are not inherently bad, but simply require a little bit more effort to use effectively. For example, the square dinner plate can be tricky to fit food onto without it falling off the edge, but it is still possible to do so. Similarly, the pyramid shape of a drinking glass can make it difficult to take a sip without spilling, but it is still possible to do so with a bit of care. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which designs they are willing to defend as being good or bad.

Was the United Arab Emirates Mars mission (the Hope Probe) built by indigenous Arab scientific and engineering talent, or did the UAE import Western personnel to build and fly their Mars mission?

The Hope Probe was built by the United Arab Emirates Space Agency, with assistance from U.S. and European partners.

What foods did you love as a child, but have grown to intensely dislike as an adult?

I used to love grilled cheese sandwiches, but now I cannot stand them.

The next time you blink, you can never see again. How do you spend your last bit of time of having sight?

There are many things I would want to do if I knew I was going to lose my sight. First, I would want to spend time with my family and close friends, telling them how much they mean to me. I would also want to travel to as many places as possible, and take in as much of the world as I can while I still have the ability to see it. Lastly, I would want to appreciate all the little things in life that we often take for granted, like the colors of a sunset or the smile of a loved one.

Why was Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice so bad? What does it mean for the superhero genre?

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was widely panned by critics and audiences alike. Many felt that the film was overly dark, convoluted, and poorly paced. Additionally, many were disappointed with the portrayal of both Batman and Superman. This film was seen as a major setback for the superhero genre, which has been on the rise in recent years.

Which are the important, repeated questions of 12th economics in CBSE?

Some important and repeated questions from CBSE Class 12 Economics are:

1. Define economics.

2. What are the basic economic problems?

3. What are the characteristics of a market economy?

4. Explain the law of demand.

5. What is the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics?

Can I extract phone numbers from Facebook based on search criteria and convert it to excel or phone contacts?

There are a number of ways to do this, but it's not possible to do directly from Facebook.

Why is the death of the Roman Republic typically tied to Julius Caesar when Sulla 40 years earlier violently marched on Rome, killing political opposition, and seizing power wholesale for himself?

The death of the Roman Republic is typically tied to Julius Caesar because Sulla did not permanently damage the institutions of the Republic when he seized power. Julius Caesar, on the other hand, destroyed the Republic when he made himself dictator for life.

Why do police officer salaries appear to have such a wide range of pay varying immensely from state to state?

Different states have different budgets for their police forces. Police officer salaries vary depending on the state's budget for the police force.

Watching the Parade of Nations during the opening ceremony of the Olympics is a spirit boosting and heart warming experience. I can feel the pride of all athletes. Italy was inspirational. What do you think?

With that said, I have been watching more and more over the last couple of days. Watching USA's snowballing medals is awesome! We are leading the pack in the medal tally right now with 25. Go USA ! Here are my latest comments:1) What is it with this idea that figure skating "isn't a true sport?" It absolutely is one, and I think that the term should be abandoned. Skating requires a great deal of control, skill, and stamina. What other activity entails men running in skirts/dresses? Oh yeah, that's another aspect of the nature of figure skating that bugs me. "Muscle-shy," huh?2) We better not hear anyone say anything about how Lance Armstrong has had sugar dumped into his legislature or anything like that . . . we may get red-white-and blue tar and feathers dumped on our head.3) Eric Bergoust of Missoula earned himself a medal in Freestyle Skiing yesterday with his record setting and breath-taking performance in multh AERIALS (not skiing). Telemundo did an outstanding job of covering it and commentary has been fantastic all along. Since results are given based on cumulative points, multi-athlete competitions are like those marching band shows. Anyone who has ever participated in one knows that you have time to go to the bathroom (one must drink many fluids-especially before performing /competing), check out keepsakes people have taken apart from you, etc., while you wait to go on stage. Bergoust waited so long to perform in multimediata long as he had not eaten food for 6 hours prior to once doingshown §300 worth of keepsakes confiscated, looked hungry enough to "eat a horse," yet skied magnificently when called upon for his shot at medals glory.4) Are there any Montana athletes in Salt Lake?5) Figureskating has begun! Is there anything sweeter than Tara Lipinski taking down Michelle Kwan (or competing?)?Let me discuss Tara Lipinski here tomorrow; I think she is going places above and beyond any other cities elite: travel high above them, so click back tomorrow.

The scean in a local market of a village town city. Is very attractive people with different occupation sell thear wares describe your experience of such a local market in50 words?

In the local market, there are many people with different occupation. They sell their wares in the market. I experience the local market in a village town city. It is very attractive and I find many interesting things in the market.

Friends, I am from Palwal Haryana, I had applied for gun license 6 months ago, but deputy commissioner Sahav Palwal has not yet generated nor forwarded my file, friends, anyone can tell me how can I get a gun license?

Any Indian citizen above the age of 21 can apply for a gun license in India. The process of obtaining a gun license in India is as follows:

1) The applicant has to submit an application form to the concerned licensing authority in their district.

2) The licensing authority will then issue a notice asking for objections, if any, to the grant of the license.

3) Once the objection period is over, the licensing authority will verify the antecedents of the applicant and may also call for a personal interview.

4) If the licensing authority is satisfied with the applicant's background, they will grant a license which will be valid for a period of 3 years.

What are some of the best $2500 electric bikes for range and speed?

The best electric bikes in this price range would include models like the Specialized Turbo, the Yamaha PW-X, or the Bosch Active Line Plus. All of these models offer great range and speed, making them ideal for those looking for a high-performance e-bike.

After qualifying in the NEET exam, what courses are available?

When NEET qualified, students can pursue MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, and BVSc & AH courses.

Libs: How was the Nazi Party not socialist when it established a huge welfare state, socialized medicine, and public works projects?

The Nazi Party was not socialist because its goal was not to establish a socialist society. The Nazis advocated for a racial hierarchy and sought to eliminate groups they considered inferior, such as Jews, Romani people, homosexuals, and the mentally and physically disabled.

Which core issue needs to be addressed to avoid in future massive protests by Tamil Nadu People?

The main issue that needs to be addressed is the high levels of discrimination and violence against Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Why are there suddenly so many questions in the Dungeons and Dragons spaces created by the Quora Prompt Generator? Can those questions be banned from our spaces?

The questions may be coming from a new Quora user who is interested in Dungeons and Dragons. Alternatively, someone may be using the Quora Prompt Generator to spam the Dungeons and Dragons spaces. If the latter is the case, the questions can be reported and removed.

Why is everybody asking architects to stop planting trees on skyscrapers?

Some people believe that trees should not be planted on skyscrapers because they are not natural habitats for trees and the roots can damage the structure of the building. Other people believe that trees can improve the appearance of a building and help to create a more sustainable environment.

What does it mean to a PhD advisor if his/her students fail at the dissertation defense?

There is no one answer to this question since it varies depending on the advisor's standards, expectations, and personality. In general, though, a student's failed dissertation defense may reflect poorly on the advisor and could damage their professional reputation.

How can I monetize my own full genome sequence?

There is no surefire answer, but one option could be to sell access to your full genome sequence to research companies or individuals who are willing to pay for it. Another option could be to donate your full genome sequence to a public database, such as the Genome Aggregation Database (GAD), which is a freely available resource that allows researchers to access and analyze large numbers of genomes.

How do I wear dressing for men?

Assuming you're asking how to wear a men's dress shirt:

-Start with a clean, pressed shirt.
-Button the shirt all the way to the top. If you're wearing a tie, align the edge of the collar with the tie knot.
-Tuck the shirt into your pants or skirts. Use a mirror to make sure the shirt is lying flat against your back and that there are no wrinkles.
-Match the color and pattern of your socks to your pants, not your shoes.

What are the respiration rates per minute for a snake?

There is no definitive answer to this question because respiration rates can differ significantly between snakes, depending on the species, size, and health of the snake. Generally speaking, however, most snakes will have a respiration rate of around 10 to 15 breaths per minute when they are at rest. This rate can increase when the snake is active or under stress.

What are the consequences of ignoring one's feelings?

If someone ignores their feelings, they may become withdrawn or depressed. They may also become irritable and lashed out at those around them. Additionally, they may struggle to make decisions or may make rash decisions.

Why do we wait till the water has come to a boil when hot water would effectively do the same job at softening pasta?

The reason we wait until the water has come to a boil when hot water would effectively do the same job at softening pasta is because boiling water will cook the pasta faster.

Are you able to learn how to cook, fry and/or bake at home?


How can I check transactions between 2 bitcoin adresses?

There is no sure way to do this, as transaction data is not publicly available. However, there are some methods you can use to try and infer whether or not two addresses have interacted. One is to look at the blockchain explorer for each address and see if there is any overlap in the addresses that they have sent transactions to or received transactions from. Another method is to look at Bitcoin research forums and see if anyone has mentioned anything about the two addresses in question.

How will quantum computing affect computer engineers and their field?

Quantum computing will have a major impact on computer engineering and the field of computing as a whole. It is expected that quantum computers will be able to solve problems that are currently unsolvable by classical computers, and this will open up new areas of research and development. Computer engineers will need to be familiar with quantum computing in order to design and build quantum computers, and they will also need to be familiar with the principles of quantum mechanics in order to understand how quantum computers work.

Do you know any scientific paper on biomedical research that has such a clever and creative study design that it makes you say wow?

I can't say that I do.

What is a psychopath’s hidden suffering like?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone experiences suffering in different ways. However, some experts believe that psychopaths may suffer from a type of emotional dysregulation that prevents them from fully experiencing emotions like empathy, love, and remorse. This could lead to a feeling of inner emptiness and loneliness, even if they seem to have everything on the outside.

Why don't philosophers study math?

Some philosophers do study math, but many don't because they're more interested in other areas, such as ethics or metaphysics.

Has anyone ever studied MA Film, television and Screen Industries in the University of Nottingham? How do you think of it?

I have not studied this program specifically, but I can say that the University of Nottingham has an excellent reputation overall. I'm sure you would enjoy your time there and get a lot out of the program.

What has been Trump's best put down of his critics?

" Politics is not a smooth business, and I'm not a smooth politician,"

Would you hire a professional CRM administrator company for your business?

It depends on the size and needs of the business. If the business is large and complex, it might make sense to hire a professional CRM administrator company. If the business is small and relatively simple, the business owner might be able to administer the CRM system themselves.

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