🔥👉 How does a housewife age 40 completely start over when her husband asks her to leave? I have no support system and a child to take care of. No savings & live in a tiny town with limited employment. I have mental health issues as well.

"✅👉 It will be difficult, but not impossible. The housewife will need to find a job and get child care. She will also need to find a place to live. The most important thing is to get help for her mental health issues."

Cathy Flatley
Cathy Flatley

Was Tim Cook a safe pick to replace Steve Jobs?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it largely depends on personal opinion. Some people may have thought that Cook was a safe pick because he had been with Apple for many years and knew the company inside and out. Other people may have thought that Cook was not a safe pick because he did not have the same creative vision as Jobs.

Do you think a place to live and bathe at the very least should be a right to every law abiding American citizen who wants one?

Yes, I do think every law-abiding American citizen should have the right to a place to live and bathe.

Is it true that some members of the suffragette movement sometimes used violent tactics?

Yes, some members of the suffragette movement did use violent tactics to protest for women's voting rights.

Are cancer cases getting lower nowadays or higher?

There is no clear answer to this question as cancer rates vary depending on the location and type of cancer. However, overall cancer rates have been slowly declining in the United States over the past few decades.

Is there a “pain organ”?

There is no such thing as a pain organ. However, the brain is responsible for processing pain signals from the body.

What consequences would you give a teenager for damaging personal property like punching a hole in the wall or leaving a school book out where the dog could and did chew it up?

The consequences for damaging personal property depend on the value of the property damaged and the severity of the damage. For example, if a teenager punched a hole in a wall, the consequences might be a loss of privileges, such as not being able to go out with friends for a week. If a school book was chewed up by a dog, the consequences might be having to pay for a new book.

What are some unusual interesting topics to give presentation on?

Some unusual, interesting topics to give a presentation on include:
-How to make a perfect paper airplane
-How to win at rock, paper, scissors every time
-How to make a working model of a volcano
-How to build a successful gingerbread house
-How to create a successful slime recipe
- How to decorate a pumpkin like a pro

Why haven't we made CPUs that are thicker and multi-layered. Couldn't we have multiple processors stacked on top of each other with embedded heatsinks at the molecular level (coating to prevent overheating like the Space shuttle tiling)?

The main reason is that, as devices get smaller, it becomes increasingly difficult to reliably build them with multiple layers. This is due to technological limitations in lithography (the process used to etch circuits onto chip surfaces).

Another reason is that, even if you could reliably build a multilayered processor, the heat generated by the additional layers would likely be too much for the embedded heatsinks to handle. This is one of the main challenges facing engineers as they try to miniaturize devices—how to dissipate heat more efficiently in smaller spaces.

What is a successful way to create a fundraiser for my boyfriend, was in a horrific accident and totaled our only vehicle along with him in a wheelchair?

One successful way to create a fundraiser for your boyfriend would be to set up a GoFundMe account. You can share the account on social media and through email to family and friends. You can also ask local businesses to donate or hold a fundraiser event.

What do you find in a person's home in Italy that you won't find in the United States?

In Italy, you might find an outdoor laundry room where people hang their clothes to dry. You also might find a bidet in the bathroom.

What is the name of the song that goes "Lada dada dada dada"? I'm speaking of a song with a house like beat not the Snoop song.

The song is called "Levels" and is by Avicii.

Is the evolutionary process still on? Will human beings evolve into higher species?

The evolutionary process is still ongoing. However, there is no guarantee that human beings will evolve into higher species.

On eBay, how do you adjust your settings such that bidders with young accounts or without any buy feedback cannot bid on your auctions?

eBay allows you to set a minimum threshold for feedback scores and account age in order to bid on your auctions.

Can businesses "buy" good reviews on Yelp?

It is possible for businesses to buy good reviews on Yelp, although Yelp does not allow businesses to directly buy reviews. Some companies offer services that help businesses to get more positive reviews on Yelp, and there are also ways for businesses to encourage customers to leave positive reviews.

How do I turn off the notification that says "background recording turned on" or something like that?


This is because of Active Screen on the Note 3 with stock S-Pen, there is no way to turn this off unless you root and install a different ROM.

Is it a stereotype that “Germans plan everything”? (One of my acquaintances believes they do, all of them, all 82 million.)

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on who you ask. Some people may say that Germans are known for being meticulous planners, while others may disagree and say that this is simply a stereotype with no basis in reality. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they believe this stereotype.

Have we ever had another presidential election in the United States where the National Guard was needed to protect voters and store fronts needed to boarded up windows for fear of violence in the streets before Donald Trump on election day?

Let me answer that for yo – NO

The symbol of the Republican Party since 2016. This is you Republican Party.

Here is former Arizona governor Jan Brewer when she defended a law passed in her state requiring voting applicants to show proof they were citizens. “I’m glad it’s headed to the Supreme Court. It took us getting to this point, with this out-of-control president, to give states their opportunity to do what it’s their right to do within their own jurisdiction.”

Here is Rep. Michelle Bachmann during an interview on American Family Radio in 2016, stating December 15 as the deadline for Donald Trump joining God by taking away our country

What lost/missing films were found/recovered in 2018?

The Rescue (1938)
The Lost City of Z (1925)
A Trip to the Moon (1902)
The Deep (1977)

These are some of the lost/missing films that were found/recovered in 2018.

Who is more popular with the wrestling fans, Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock ?

In terms of popularity with wrestling fans, it is hard to say who is more popular. Both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock have a huge fan base and are considered legends in the world of professional wrestling.

In Serizawa’s final moments, what did the look between him and Godzilla symbolize/tell?

The look between Serizawa and Godzilla in the film's final moments symbolized understanding and respect. Serizawa had come to understand Godzilla and appreciate the creature for what it was - a force of nature that was neither good nor evil, but simply existed. In turn, Godzilla appeared to recognize Serizawa as someone who respected it. This is evident in the fact that, after Serizawa's death, Godzilla did not attack or harm any of the humans around it.

US Crude Oil futures fall below 0$ per barrel for the first time in the history of this planet. Wait, what? Which means in a barrel of #crudeoil, the barrel possibly costs more than the oil? 🤣 Corona is writing history right now. #unprecedented

Oh yeah. pic.twitter.com/Z76tGGE83t — Bhuj Choudhary (@bhujjo) April 20, 2020

An oil price of $0 per barrel means that the price of a barrel of oil is less than the cost of the materials and labor (!), as well as transport costs (!) to get it — Wolf Richter (@WolfStreet) April 20, 2020

Then many tweeps started making jokes like:

I’ve been at 0 barrels for quite some time now… wait is this bad? pic.twitter.com/hoiLn2fOpF — justin bieber (@justinbieber) April 20, 2020

1. Get married 2. Buy you a house 3. Start having a family 4[/color] Wait..oil futures are CRASHING to BELOW ZERO right now? Well on purpose I put in zero and once you reach zero it can't be found at all 0^^^0 I'm getting divorced litreally though no more trading and only! — Malice (@GanglandThickems) April 20, 2020

To which even Visa joined the fun:

Unfortunately your card's merchant doesn't take USD$-0 😔 If a merchant accidentally accepts this payment and charges you fees, let us know right away and we'll refund them. ^OHa pic.twitter.com/QNa4HXb4O4 — Ask Visa (@AskVisa) April 20, 2020

At 10:30 am CT, the North American markets opened up with a further drop – Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 744 points, over 1%, Nasdaq Composite Index dropped 1.4% and S&P 500 was down about 1%, or 28 points—bringing these benchmarks’ losses for the week to 12%. Markets were also jolted by an overnight tweet from President Donald Trump signalling his determination to reopen the economy next month despite strong warnings from health officials that any early return might trigger a second wave of coronavirus infections that could be more crippling than anything we have seen till now.

What does Balaji Vishwanathan thinks about the nationwide outcry for boycotting Chinese products?

Balaji Vishwanathan does not appear to have made any public statement on this issue.

Since Hope Hicks, Donald Trump, and Melania Trump have all tested positive for COVID-19, do Joe Biden, his wife, Chris Wallace, and everyone else who attended the debate have to quarantine?

Yes, everyone who attended the debate should quarantine for 14 days.

How either individually or in groups, used repeated prayer, either spoken or sung, with synchronized breathing to internalize the spiritual truths contained within them helpful?

Repeated prayer, either spoken or sung, with synchronized breathing can be helpful in internalizing spiritual truths because it helps to create a sense of calm and peace. When the mind is focused on the act of prayer, it is easier to quiet the chatter and focus on the meaning of the words. Synchronized breathing also helps to focus the mind and can be used as a tool to help bring about a meditative state.

How big or popular do music artists have to get to be able to do/play music full time?

There is no set popularity level or number of fans an artist must have to play music full time. However, most professional musicians working today make the majority of their income from touring and playing concerts, so typically an artist would need to be able to book shows and sell tickets in order to make a living from music. For some artists, this may mean reaching a certain level of popularity or cult following, while for others it may simply mean having a dedicated fan base that is willing to support their music career.

What are ten things you wish you've learned by now?

1. How to have a successful and happy relationship
2. How to deal with difficult people and situation
3. How to manage money
4. How to be more organized
5. How to be more assertive
6. How to be happier
7. How to be more patient
8. How to better handle stress
9. How to be more physically active
10. How to eat healthier

How do you check a circuit breaker when the power goes out?

The first thing you should do is check the main circuit breaker. This can be found in your fuse box. If the main breaker is not tripped, then you will need to check the individual breakers for the circuits that are not working.

This random kid calls me a dickhead. What should I do/say?

There's not much you can do if a random kid calls you a dickhead, but you can try to ignore it and move on.

How can I tell if a phone is under surveillance?

There is no sure way to tell if a phone is under surveillance. However, there are some signs that may suggest that your phone is being monitored. These include unusual sounds or noises during calls, decreased battery life, and increased data usage.

What is it like to take a road trip from Montana on the road to Big Sky Country?

The best way to describe a road trip from Montana to Big Sky Country would be to say that it is an amazing experience. The scenery is incredible, and there are plenty of things to see and do along the way. Montana is a beautiful state, and the drive from Montana to Big Sky Country is definitely one that you will never forget.

In museums, why aren't paintings covered by a protective glass? What if somebody does sneeze on it, wouldn't that be a good reason to protect paintings with glass shields?

Paintings are often not covered by glass because the glass can reflect light and make it difficult to see the painting. Glass can also cause paintings to fade over time.

How do I operate an IFB 30SC4 oven? I can’t understand which function to use and at which temperature while making pizza or cake mostly.

There are 4 functions to choose from on the IFB 30SC4 oven: Bake, Convection, Grill, and Microwave. The oven should be preheated first by selecting the desired function and setting the temperature to the required level. For pizza or cake, the Bake function should be used at a temperature between 180-200 degrees Celsius.

Why is there only Hispanic food in the international food aisle at grocery stores? Shouldn’t they have foods from other countries/backgrounds?

This is a difficult question to answer. One possibility is that Hispanic food is more popular than other types of international cuisine in the United States. Therefore, grocery stores might stock more Hispanic food items in order to meet consumer demand. Another possibility is that the demographics of the community surrounding a particular grocery store might be such that there is a higher percentage of Hispanic residents. This could lead the store to stock more Hispanic food items in order to better serve the needs of its customers.

How different are public gathering spaces from past to present?

Gathering spaces in the past were often places where people went to meet others and socialize. This was often done in public places such as parks or squares. Today, gathering spaces are still places where people can meet and socialize, but they are also places where people can go to work, learn, and play.

Interesting day. A muscular guy walked into the gym and another guy, who was initially lifting light weights before and when that guy came in, immediately started ego lifting almost hurting himself. Why are some men so intimidated by other men?

Self consciousness ortryi

Why doesn't Gmail have a re-send mail option?

Gmail does have a do-over/redo option. Under the "More" dropdown arrow (in the upper right corner of the message), select "Edit Message."

Should Tim Paine step down as the captain of the Australian test team?

There is no clear answer, and it ultimately depends on interpretation. Some might say yes, considering the team's recent performance, while others might say that Paine has been a steadying force during a difficult time and should remain as captain.

Is it possible to earn a substantial monthly income by teaching English classes online?

Yes, it is possible to earn a substantial monthly income by teaching English classes online. Many online English teachers make a very good living teaching English to students from all over the world.

How do I calculate the cash equivalent of leaves under leave encashment?

The cash equivalent of leaves under leave encashment is calculated by multiplying the number of leaves by the daily rate of pay.

Why do some utility poles resemble a "7" (only one mast arm), while most are T-shaped?

Different utilities have different designs for their poles. The 7-shaped utility pole is used by Southern California Edison.

Is the Taj Mahal a lover’s place?

The Taj Mahal could be considered a lover's place because it is a symbol of love. The Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Is it haram for a father to hit their adult daughter in Islam?

Yes, it is haram (forbidden) for a father to hit their adult daughter in Islam.

What is time? Does time have a definite beginning and end? Why does it seem to flow like a river from one end to another?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it is a matter of philosophical and scientific speculation. Some believe that time is infinite, while others believe that it has a beginning and an end. The reason why it appears to flow from one end to another may be due to the way our brains perceive it, as we exist in a three-dimensional world where time is a fourth dimension.

What are the facts on the security lapse of PM Narendra Modi in Punjab? What will be the consequences of this incident?

There is no official word on what exactly happened during the security lapse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab, but reports suggest that his convoy was allowed to enter a restricted area without being checked by security personnel. This incident could have serious consequences, as it raises questions about the readiness of the security forces to protect the Prime Minister and other VIPs. It also highlights the need for better coordination between different security agencies.

Why does it seem Ivanka Trump turned out a well-rounded person despite having a nut-ball father?

Some people are just naturally well-rounded, regardless of their upbringing.

What does this joke mean, "Why can't the hydraulic press guy bring himself to crush a can of sprite because it's soda pressing"?

This joke is a play on words. A "hydraulic press" is a machine that uses fluid pressure to crush objects. The joke is saying that the hydraulic press guy can't bring himself to crush a can of Sprite (a type of soda) because he would be crushing soda.

What are some of the craziest coast guard stories?

Some of the craziest coast guard stories come from the Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. In both storms, the coast guard was responsible for rescuing stranded residents and delivering supplies to those in need.

Is it really hard to be in monogamus relationships? Would you personally cheat your spouse or partner for a wonderful night?

In my opinion, it is not difficult to be in monogamous relationships. I believe that if both partners are committed to the relationship and are honest with each other, then they can make it work. However, if one partner is not interested in monogamy or is not honest with their partner, then the relationship will likely not work out.

Why does Walmart attract low clientele?

There are a number of reasons why Walmart might attract low-income customers. First, Walmart is known for offering low prices, which can be appealing to budget-conscious shoppers. Additionally, Walmart locations are often conveniently located near public transportation, making them accessible to people who may not have a car. Finally, Walmart offers a wide variety of products, including many basic necessities, which can be appealing to people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Why did Infosys drop 'technologies' from its name?

The company wanted to change its image from that of a traditional outsourcing firm to a more global company.

What do you make of a wife who brags so much about her narcissistic husband such as his earnings, positions, his little achievements, when all are far from true levels?

I think that a wife who brags so much about her husband's achievements is either incredibly insecure herself, or she is deliberately trying to make other people feel inferior. In either case, it isn't a very healthy way to live.

Do airports that close still have someone there in case of an emergency landing?

In general, yes. There are air traffic controllers and other personnel on duty at major airports even when the airport is closed to arriving and departing flights.

What is exact meaning of Latin maxim lex divina?

In English, the maxim lex divina would mean "divine law."

What enemy did the Spanish leave behind in Tenochtitlan?

The Spanish left behind a large native population in Tenochtitlan.

Is Tucker Carlson somehow involved in the scandal with underage girls with Matt Gaetz? Matt seemed to suggest that in the Fox News interview.

There is no evidence that Tucker Carlson is involved in the scandal with Matt Gaetz.

Would you rather choose bowling lane or pool table in your basement with small bar?

Bowling lane

How can I write on a PDF without breaking it into individual pages?

Unfortunately, there is no way to write on a PDF without breaking it into individual pages. The best way to add comments or annotations to a PDF is to use a dedicated PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat DC.

Which celebrities have aged the worst?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Some people might say that celebrities who have undergone many cosmetic surgeries have aged the worst, while others might say that those who have not taken care of themselves physically have aged the worst. There are many factors to consider when determining which celebrities have aged the worst.

What would it take to abolish the British monarchy?

It would require a constitutional amendment to abolish the monarchy.

Diabetic patients control their sugar level in how many days by exercise and diet?

3–5 days

Whoever lives in Italy, can someone tell me about the FJT headquarters? I’ve never heard of it. What does ‘FJT’ stand for?

FJT is an acronym for "Federazione Italiana Tennis", which is the governing body for tennis in Italy. The headquarters is located in Rome.

Can a soldier on deployment keep having a meeting to get a leave?

Each service has their own process, but a general answer is yes.

How can I strengthen my brain so that I can vividly recall anything that I read?

There is no sure fire way to do this, but try employing some of these techniques: -Read with a purpose or goal in mind -Take notes while reading -Stop frequently to summarize what you have read so far -Use a memory palace technique -Connect new information to things you already know -Think about how the information you are reading will be useful to you -Repeat information out loud

How can I tell my co-workers that I no longer want to give them rides to and from work every day without being rude?

You might say something like, "I'm sorry, but I can't give you rides to and from work anymore."

Do you need five paragraphs in an essay?

No. You can write a great essay with only three paragraphs, or you could potentially write a very ineffective essay with five paragraphs. It all depends on how you organize your thoughts and what points you are trying to make.

Have you stock piled food supplies for the 21-day lockdown?

Yes, I have a good supply of non-perishable food items in my pantry.

Is it safe to use OYO for couples across Delhi/NCR?

Yes it is safe to use Oyo for couples across Delhi/NCR. The company has a strict policy regarding the safety and security of its guests and takes all necessary measures to ensure that their stay is comfortable and safe.

How does the government convince people to stay at home without meeting basic needs like food purchases, childcare assistance, housing payments, and debt service?

Some governments have convincing people to stay at home by providing need-based assistance, such as food purchases, childcare assistance, housing payments, and debt service.

If you are concerned about voter suppression, is fraud a concern? If you are concerned about ballot integrity, is suppression a concern? Is there any middle ground on this issue or is it irrevocably polarizing?

Both voter suppression and fraud are concerns when it comes to the integrity of elections. However, it is possible to have a discussion about these issues without them being irrevocably polarizing.

How many musicals can you name?

The Producers, Rent, Wicked, Hamilton

Why do people associate green with good and red with bad? As in a metaphorical green light or red flag?

This association likely comes from a variety of sources. One possibility is that it is based on stoplights. Green means go, and red means stop. So, green is associated with positive outcomes and red is associated with negative outcomes.

Another possibility is that this association is based on the traditional color coding of traffic lights in many countries. Green is typically used to represent go, while red is used to represent danger or stop. So once again, green is associated with positive outcomes while red is associated with negative outcomes.

It is also worth noting that the color green is often used to represent nature and life, while the color red is often used to represent blood and violence. This could contribute to the associations that people have between these colors and good vs. bad.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the workers engaged at the site and enquired about their well-being. Do you think it's a good initiative?

SMS to 56161: END MODI

Could an iPad make a good drawing tablet, and if so, how?

Yes, an iPad can make a good drawing tablet because it has a large screen and is very portable. There are many drawing apps available for iOS that offer a variety of features and tools.

How is "live" entertainment on TV created and produced?

Live entertainment on TV is created and produced by a team of people who work together to create a show. The team may include a producer, director, writer, and cast.

Is it Haram in Islam if I accidentally see a Christian girl on street and like her and ask her number and talk to her in presence of my sister and she gives her Dawah and I marry her? My conscience says it’s Haram. Please advise.

If your sister was present when you asked for the girl's number, and she also gave you her blessing to marry her, then it is not haram. However, if you asked for her number without your sister's knowledge or permission, then it would be considered haram.

What are your criteria for selecting an outsourcing team (country, experience, etc.)?

There are many factors to consider when selecting an outsourcing team, including the team's country of origin, their industry experience, and their project management abilities. Additionally, it is important to consider the team's size and structure in order to ensure that they are able to effectively handle your project.

What if the pods carrying the 18 known infant Primarchs (40k) landed on planets in the Star Wars Galaxy?

There is no known answer to this question.

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