🔥👉 How do I tell my friend politely that her dog needs a bath?

"✅👉 Your dog smells bad."

Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell

What 4 thumb rules in life explain everything?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, some possible thumb rules that could be useful in life include:

1. Simplify everything as much as possible - this can help make decision-making easier and prevent information overload.

2. Be flexible and adaptable - change is inevitable, so being able to roll with the punches can make life a lot less stressful.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff - focus on what's truly important and let the rest go.

4. Detach yourself from the outcome - worrying too much about the future can rob you of enjoying the present moment.

Wasn't this IPL 10 much more entertaining, charismatic and an edge-of-the-seat experience for all of us?

Indeed, it was. I cannot remember an edition of the IPL where at almost every match you had a close game or results going down-to-the-wire. IPL 10 was a match made in heaven for cricket fanatics and true entertainment for us at Star India.

I just go back to the exciting matches such as Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) v Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)Match on 19 May where RPS scored 161/6 in 20 overs in front of SRH's 162/4. I can just recall Manish Pandey, who scored 62 not out off 46 balls and knocked the winning runs with a boundary to deliver RPS' first loss at home this season after seven wins on a trot. It was dramatic end much similar to that seen in the nail-biting final between MI and RPS on 21 May.

IPL 10 was truly a game-changer! It was all action, drama and stuff that stuck to you like an eel on your shoe. Some talked up the entertainment quotient §§ as well as ad revenues earned through broadcast rights and sponsorships by official broadcast partner Star India / Hotstar etc and also gave them due credit since they invested over Rs 16,347 crore across media assets that included digital, television and radio rights to run the IPl spectacle till 2022. In comparison, If one looks at what was spent on broadcast rights by Star India for past IPLS from 2008 to 2012 (T-20 matches played) estimated annual cost incurred by Star India worked around Rs 750 crore per annum i.e 40% (approx) of expenditure needed for diehard cricket fans in Indian market below 30 years age group.

Star Sports has shown 851 hours live IPL 10/10th ed. coverage across TV channels/sport properties that form part of a set of television channels owned by Star India - some will argue this could mean actual length of time spent watching rather than total time spent on the channel while switching on and off the TV set. But proportionally speaking around 250% ! This is significant since it is significant since early part of first decade (2000era) of this century right up to 2010 we found wholegame broadcast partners delivering significantly less airtime in comparison with number of dollars as compared to current set of official broadcast/production teams with networks such as Star India, Dialog TV (Sri Lanka

Which one is the best option for taking care of your baby, hiring professionals such as babysitters or grandmother? Why?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best option for taking care of your baby will depend on your individual circumstances. If you have a reliable and trusted babysitter or grandmother who is available to care for your baby when you need them, then this may be the best option for you. However, if you are struggling to find childcare that you can afford or are concerned about the quality of care that your baby will receive, then hiring professionals may not be the best option for you.

Did Aman Goel also worked hard during IIT Bombay CSE?

Yes, Aman Goel also worked hard during IIT Bombay CSE.

How is the placement after MBA from NITK?

There is no placement after MBA from NITK.

I feel like my friends robbed me of my purity. How do I become pure again?

The first step is admitting that you have been robbed. The second step is to talk to your friends and see if they are willing to give your purity back. The third step is to take action to become pure again.

Why is Kamala Harris such a lightning rod for Republicans?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many possible explanations. Some argue that Harris is simply a very competent and effective politician who happens to be from a party that is out of power, which makes her a natural target for opposition. Others point to her background as a prosecutor and her aggressive questioning style as key factors that make her a particularly controversial figure among conservatives. Additionally, some believe that Republicans see Harris as a potential future presidential candidate and want to start attacking her now in order to weaken her potential candidacy.

What’s the best method to play using a guitar pick on an acoustic guitar without having it occasionally fall into the soundhole?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each guitar player has their own style and technique when playing with a pick. Some common methods include holding the pick between the thumb and forefinger, using a pick with a grip or attached strap, or tucking the pick into the palm of the hand. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to find what works best for them in terms of preventing the pick from dropping into the soundhole.

What is lamb fat called?

Lamb fat is called mutton tallow.

How else would you participate to MrBeast's 200,000,000 trees project other than donating 1 dollar per tree?

There are many ways that people can participate in MrBeast's 200,000,000 trees project. Some people may choose to donate more than 1 dollar per tree, while others may choose to volunteer their time to help plant the trees.

Would it be possible that the Queen might give permission for the Palace aides, who were abused by Meghan Markle, to do an interview of their experiences?

The possibility seems unlikely, as the palace aides who were allegedly abused by Meghan Markle have not come forward publicly with their allegations. If they did choose to speak out, it is unlikely that the Queen would give her permission for them to do so.

What is the common practice in real estate transactions regarding staging furniture? Do people usually offer to buy the staging furniture along with the house?

It is common for the real estate agent to hire a professional stager to furnish the home for sale. The staging furniture is usually rented and stays in the home until it is sold. The new homeowners can choose to buy the staging furniture, but it is not required.

When picking morel mushrooms should you pick them clean or leave a few out of the patch, some say they will regenerate?

Some people say to leave a few out of the patch to regenerate, but it is not necessary.

Do hiring managers value edX certificates?

It is difficult to say definitively whether or not hiring managers value edX certificates. However, many employers are increasingly interested in candidates who have completed online courses and programs, so it is likely that edX certificates may hold some weight during the hiring process. In addition, because edX is a well-known and respected online education provider, its certificates may be highly regarded by employers.

How far should the U.S. go to ensure Ukraine’s defense?

The U.S. should provideUkraine with military aid, including weapons and supplies, to help them defend themselves from Russia.

How feasible is it that Area 51 actually houses alien bodies or artifacts?

There is no evidence that Area 51 houses alien bodies or artifacts.

Does a narcissist care if you ignore their messages while they have a new supply?

A narcissist does not care if you ignore their messages while they have a new supply.

Has the Indian stock market reached its peak growth or is it still a lot to grow?

The Indian stock market is still in a period of growth. However, it is important to remember that all markets are cyclical, so there will be times when the market will reach a peak and then start to decline.

Which event, if it did not happen, could have drastically changed the world today?

If the United States had not been attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, it is unlikely that they would have entered World War II.

What should be the primary skills/attributes of a product manager for an Internet consumer product?

The primary skills/attributes of a product manager for an Internet consumer product should include:

-Strong analytical skills
-Excellent communication skills
-Proven project management experience
-Creative thinking and problem solving skills
-Good organizational and time management skills
-Research and trend analysis skills
-Marketing experience

What would be the most sensible masters programme to add to my degree in Civil engineering for someone business oriented like me?

A masters program in business administration would be the most sensible choice for someone with a civil engineering degree who is business oriented. This type of program would provide the necessary skills and knowledge to manage a civil engineering business. It would also give the individual an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs in the industry.

What are some recipes from World War 2 that we can make at home?

Some recipes from World War 2 that can be made at home are:
-Potato Pancakes
-Vegetable Stew
-Macaroni and Cheese

How did Islam help spread Arabic culture?

The rise of Islam in the 7th century had a profound impact on Arabic culture. The new religion brought with it a new language and new values that transformed the Arab world. Islam also helped spread Arabic culture beyond the Arab world, as the new religion reached out to converts in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The Canadian oil sands have ten times more oil in place than current reserves, but extraction techniques (mining, SADG etc.) generally recover at least 50% of the oil in places, so why aren't reserves much higher?

The answer lies in the Gillbert equivalent percentage recovery factor and the growth of the bitumen in place.

The amount of bitumen in place is a complex function of many factors, including:

- The maturity of the source rock
- The organic richness of the source rock
- The thermal history of the deposit
- The deposition environment
- The reservoir quality (porosity and permeability)
- The recovery factor

There are two types of Canadian oil sands deposits: mature and immature. Mature oil sands have been subject to more geologic processes, resulting in a higher proportion of bitumen. Immature oil sands have undergone less geologic processing and contain a higher proportion of water and solids. Mature oil sands are typically found in Alberta's Athabasca region, while immature oil sands are found in the Peace River region of Alberta and British Columbia.

The average recovery factor for the Canadian oil sands is approximately 50%, but can range from 10-70%.

How do you use Estriol and progesterone creams?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to use estriol and progesterone creams will vary depending on the specific product and your individual needs. However, in general, you will want to apply the cream to clean, dry skin on the areas where you are experiencing symptoms. For example, if you are using the cream to treat hot flashes, you will likely want to apply it to your chest and neck.

What is the symbol of the New Age?

There is no one New Age symbol.

When is the time of the clock like the whistle of a train?

The time of the clock is like the whistle of a train when it is at the top of the hour.

Did the Democratic congresswomen present themselves well during the SOTU address? Did they come off as vindictive against Trump?

The Democratic congresswomen present during the SOTU address came across as professional and were not vindictive against Trump.

If you're under arrest and fight while they are handcuffing you, are the police allowed to send dogs to bite you to help subdue you?

The police are allowed to use reasonable force against a person who is actively resisting arrest. This may include the use of a baton or Taser, and in some cases, the police may deploy a dog to bite the person.

Imagine if NATO have interfere in the Ukraine war and fought against Russia, would it put Russia in a position to resort to use nuclear weapons?

This is a difficult question to answer. Russia has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons in the past, but it is unclear whether or not they would actually follow through on this threat. It is possible that if NATO did interfere in the Ukraine war and fought against Russia, it could push Russia into a corner where they felt they had no other choice but to use nuclear weapons.

Does effective exercise always have elements of pain?

No, effective exercise does not always have elements of pain. Pain can be a sign that you are overdoing it or that something is wrong, so it is important to listen to your body and consult with a doctor or other fitness professional if you are experiencing pain during or after exercise.

Would you agree to having your I.Q. listed as a part of your vital statistics?


Do you wear makeup during quarantine?


We are moving. We let kids pick rooms. They did. Now we, the parents, want to change one of the kid's rooms…to a room he may not like. Is that terrible? It really is what's best for the family.

It's not terrible, but it may not be the best for the family. It all depends on how your child reacts to the change. If he is okay with it, then it should be fine. However, if he is upset by the change, it may cause some problems.

Do people like Modi just because he can give impressive speaches like a true politician? Does that mean people hate Rahul Gandhi just because he slip words and makes fun of himself sometimes?

No, people do not just like Modi because he can give impressive speeches. There are many other reasons why people like Modi, including his policies and his track record. Similarly, people do not hate Rahul Gandhi just because he sometimes slips up when speaking. There are many other reasons why people dislike Rahul Gandhi, including his perceived inexperience and ineffective leadership.

Why is the SRM University management department acquired such a poor name and reputation? Everyone shuns it when I went for an interview.

There are a few potential reasons for this:
-The department may be perceived as difficult or unapproachable.
-The department may have a reputation for being poorly organized or inefficient.
-The department may be known for placing a low priority on customer service or satisfaction.

How DNA sequence information can be utilized for protection of released crop varieties under Intellectual property Rights?

It is possible to protect released crop varieties under intellectual property rights by using DNA sequence information. This information can be used to identify specific mutations or characteristics of the crop variety that make it unique. This information can then be used to create a patent or trademark for the crop variety. By doing this, it is possible to prevent others from releasing similar varieties that could compete with the original crop variety.

Why did (in I, Pet Goat II) the snake get replaced with a swirl of "Light" in the egg-shell head of the brainless zombie?

This could symbolize the shedding of one's skin, or "rebirth" as a new being.

What country has the most random law?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different countries have different laws, and what one person may consider to be a "random" law may not seem so random to someone else. However, some examples of seemingly random laws that are still in place in various countries around the world include:

- It is illegal to own only one guinea pig in Switzerland.
- In France, it is illegal for a person to name their child Nutella.
- In Japan, it is against the law to leave your house without wearing a mask if you have a cold.

Was Michael Jordan effective when playing the point guard position?

There is no clear answer to this question as it is largely dependent on the opinions of those who witness Jordan play. Some people may say that Jordan was very effective when playing the point guard position while others may argue that he was not as effective as he could have been. Ultimately, it is up to the observer to decide whether or not they believe Jordan was effective when playing the point guard position.

In recent days, I've been dreaming a lot. What does that mean?

It could mean that you are worried about something or that something is on your mind. It could also just be a sign that you need more sleep!

Since UP has 2 years rural bond service after MBBS, can I take admission in PG right after MBBS by paying the bond amount and not doing the rural service or will I be debarred from admission without completing it?

You will be debarred from admission without completing it.

Having spent most of my life viewing analog TV and now seeing the new Digital format take over, why do we see so much pixeling and freezing? Isn’t it supposed to be a vast improvement? I don’t remember seeing the kinds of issues we see now.

With analog TV, images are encoded on an analog signal that varies continuously according to the picture information. In digital TV, images are encoded onto a stream of digital values that remain constant until changed.

The advantages of digital TV over analog are many: higher resolution, greater color depth, no ghosting or cross-talk between channels, and so on. However, one downside is that digital signals are more susceptible to interference than analog signals. If the signal is disrupted in any way, it can cause pixelation and freezing.

What causes the actual collapse during economic depressions? The ambiguous way lectures describe it is that once there was enough goods in stores, then there wasn’t. I mean the physical assets of the companies and the labor force still existed, so…


The collapse during economic depressions is caused by the loss of confidence in the economy. When people lose confidence in the economy, they stop spending money and investing in businesses. This causes businesses to lay off workers and cut production, which leads to more job losses and less spending. This downward spiral can continue until the economy stabilizes.

A federal judge has ruled a Texas school district cannot enforce a dress code months after two Black teens were punished because they refused to cut their locs. What made the district assume it had the right to dictate a Black student's hair style?

By The Grio

Will there be any major impact on the Indian equity market if any war between the US and North Korea happens?

There could be a major impact on the Indian equity market if any war between the US and North Korea happens. The market could see a sell-off in risk assets, as investors worry about the potential for a serious conflict. Alternatively, if the situation is resolved quickly and peacefully, the market could rebound.

Is it rude to go to a restaurant right before it closes?

It is not necessarily rude, but it may not be the best idea. The wait staff may be trying to clean up and get ready to close, so they may not be as attentive as they would be during normal hours.

LinkedIn influencers have millions of followers while the best Quorans have a few hundreds. Why?

The answer is simple. Trust. When it comes to social media marketing and producing content, customers trust influencers more than they trust brands.

We utilise influencers as one research route to getting you quality data that helps you decide which products and services you should be considering investing in instantly. Based on the number of inquires their mentions receive, we develop a method of scoring your brand awareness against that of your competition and the general market

What is appropriate business attire for a female visiting China?

A female visiting China would wear appropriate business attire such as a suit or dress.

How did Deng Xiaoping rule China in the 1980s without having a title like General Secretary of the Communist Party or President?

Deng Xiaoping did not have an official title in the 1980s, but he was the de facto leader of China. He was the Paramount Leader of the Communist Party from 1978 to 1992, and he held several other powerful positions, such as Chairman of the Central Military Commission. Although Deng never held the title of President, he exercised significant control over the government as the paramount leader.

How do the portrayals of Denethor in LOTR vary from the books to the movies?

In the LOTR books, Denethor is much colder and more calculating than he is in the movies. He is also more clearly insane, and his relationship with his son Faramir is much more strained. In the movies, Denethor is warmer and more emotional, and his relationship with Faramir is more loving.

My husband says I treat him like a girl or a doll. What can I do to stop that? I just find him incredibly cute and adorable.

There is no one answer to this question, as it will vary depending on the couple's individual dynamic. However, some tips on how to avoid treating your husband like a girl or doll might include: showing sincere appreciation for all that he does for you, taking an interest in his hobbies and passions, and communicating openly and honestly with him about your feelings.

Why do Muslim graves face Kaaba?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but it is generally believed that Muslim graves face the Kaaba because it is a sacred site in Islam and because facing the Kaaba symbolically represents the hope of facing Allah on Judgement Day.

Do all vacuum line hoses originate from intake manifold?

Yes, all vacuum line hoses should originate from the intake manifold.

What skills should I practice to get on a high school ice hockey team?

Some skills that might be helpful to practice are: skating, puck handling, shooting, and passing.

Why hasn’t the Biden administration ‘not ending family detention' at the Southern border?

It is not clear why the Biden administration has not ended family detention at the Southern border. Some possible reasons include that the administration is still working on its overall immigration policy, that it is focused on other priorities at the moment, or that it believes that family detention is necessary in some cases.

Is it practical to stay at a beach resort north or south of Barcelona and see the city? I want to go for 10 or 12 days in late July.

You could rent an apartment near the beach in Barcelona, or even stay in a resort town like Tossa de Mar and take the train into Barcelona for day trips.

Is literature often overly analyzed to the point that it distorts the main purpose of the author?

Yes, literature is often overly analyzed to the point that it distorts the main purpose of the author.

Who possesses more bitcoins, big players as a whole or small players as a whole?

It is impossible to say definitively who possesses more bitcoins, as the distributed nature of the currency makes it difficult to track ownership. However, it is generally believed that large players, such as exchanges and miners, own the majority of bitcoins.

Why do a few people develop genius abilities following a brain injury?

A few people develop genius abilities following a brain injury because the injury can sometimes cause the release of genius abilities that were hidden before.

Do you believe that voters should be made to show ID?

Yes, I believe that voters should be made to show ID.

When are the oceans expected to run out of edible fish?

No one knows for sure, but the oceans may run out of edible fish within our lifetime.

Can I change automobile to mechanical after diploma because there is no college for a BTech in automobile in my region?

I would advise that you speak with an admissions counselor at the school of your choice to determine if you qualify for admission with your diploma.

What is the best way to properly move Wordpress admin javascripts to footer?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the best way to move Wordpress admin javascripts to footer depends on the individual site's needs and preferences. Some possible methods include using a plugin or modifying the codebase.

How relationships affect mental health?

Some research suggests that people with strong social relationships are more likely to have better mental health. Other research suggests that people with poor social relationships are more likely to have poor mental health.

Which word would you use to describe boys who have more female friends than male friends?

The word "friend" is gender-neutral, so you could describe them as "social" or "outgoing."

Why are personal loans different from other types of debt?

Personal loans tend to be unsecured debt, which means they are not backed by an asset such as a home or car. Other types of debt, such as mortgages and auto loans, are secured by the asset purchased with the loan.

Previously, Russia managed to annex Crimea from Ukraine with ease. Why does Russia seem to be struggling against Ukraine now?

Could it be that Russia realized that the free world may be more inclined to intervene militarily into the conflict?

Trump is expected to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin about thethe situation in Ukraine on Sunday at a G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

Photo Credit: Vladimir Fedorenko/AFP via Getty Image

What are some examples of answers filtered out as not good enough by the new question follow feature? (June 2015)

Some examples of answers filtered out as not good enough by the new question follow feature are:

-Answers that are vague or do not directly address the question
-Answers that are off-topic
-Answers that are excessively long or rambling
-Answers that are poorly written or difficult to understand

Is it a good practice for doctors to tell patients with serious conditions directly what type of disease or condition they are suffering from?

No, it is not a good practice for doctors to tell patients with serious conditions directly what type of disease or condition they are suffering from. While some patients may want to know everything about their condition, others may not be able to handle the news. In addition, some patients may misunderstand or mishear what the doctor says, which could lead to anxiety or distress.

What happens if Michael Baden confirms George Floyd's cause of death was not the cop’s knee?

If Michael Baden confirms George Floyd's cause of death was not the cop's knee, it could mean that the officer's actions were not the direct cause of Floyd's death. This would add support to the argument that the officer did not intend to kill Floyd, and that his actions were not criminal.

Is it true that quantum mechanics suggests that the universe is conscious?

No, quantum mechanics does not suggest that the universe is conscious.

Why is it so difficult for a person to reach inner peace with himself?

There can be many reasons why a person has difficulty achieving inner peace. It could be due to unresolved personal issues, trauma, or stress. It may also be because the person is trying to live up to unrealistic expectations or is comparing themselves to others.

Why does Blizzard design Hearthstone more often to have an aggro or tempo meta over a slow control or greedy meta?

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, aggro and tempo decks tend to be more straightforward and easy to understand than control decks. This makes them more accessible to new players, which is something Blizzard is always keen to do. Secondly, they tend to be more exciting to watch and play than control decks. This helps to keep viewers interested in the game, which is important for its long-term success. Finally, they tend to be more effective at countering other popular decks, which helps to keep the meta fresh and interesting.

Do I need to get an India Departure Form if I check in online?

If you are traveling with Air India and check in online, you do not need to get an India Departure Form.

How will the sushi swap scandal affect the DeFi space and crypto in general?

The sushi swap scandal will likely have a negative impact on the DeFi space and crypto in general. This is because it has called into question the trustworthiness of decentralized exchanges, which are a key part of the DeFi ecosystem. It also raises questions about the safety of custodial solutions, which many DeFi users rely on.

What's the most poisonous plant in the world?

There are a few contenders for the most poisonous plant in the world, including the larkspur, castor bean, and water hemlock.

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