🔥👉 How do I make this birth useful for others?

"✅👉 There are many ways to make this birth useful for others. Some ways include:

-Donating blood
-Donating cord blood
-Becoming a mentor or doula
-Organizing or participating in birth art projects
-Educating others about the birthing process
-Advocating for improved maternity care
-Supporting women who are experiencing difficult births"

Fredy Shields
Fredy Shields

Would you say it is proper and Godly for a woman to uncover her head before the altar while praying?

There is no explicit answer in the Bible, but many Christian traditions hold that it is proper for women to cover their heads while praying.

Does anyone hate Donald Trump enough to completely fabricate a story on something despicable he allegedly said nearly two years ago?


That question will hopefully be answered soon as the man behind the story, Michael Wolff, goes back on his claim.

In his latest book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Wolff claimed that American citizens in Trump Bastions are simply irrational. It does not make sense to him why people in places like Howey support their president. In fact, he said this about the residents of Trump country in his book: "They had lost faith in democracy. And that was especially true for their white men – poor, working class and uneducated." But wait; there's more! " Their response tolost faith? Give me populism and nationalism."

I'm familiar with an AR-15, but what constitutes an "AR-15 style" gun that is quoted so often with regard to school shootings?

The "AR-15 style" gun is a type of semi-automatic rifle that is modeled after the military's M-16 rifle. These rifles are often used in mass shootings because they are easily accessible and can be used to cause a lot of damage.

Why does Camp Cretaceous need LGBT representation?

There are many reasons why Camp Cretaceous needs LGBT representation. First and foremost, it is important to have representation in all forms of media in order to better reflect the world we live in. Additionally, LGBT representation can help break down barriers and create a more inclusive environment for everyone. Finally, LGBT representation can help young people feel more comfortable with themselves and their own identities.

Idaho Governor Brad Little cautioned lawmakers against intruding on local private business decisions regarding Covid vaccinations decisions. Do private companies possibly operate more efficiently without government involvement?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some private companies may operate more efficiently without government involvement, while others may benefit from government regulation or support. Ultimately, it depends on the specific company and industry.

If I have served a few years in marine infantry and want to do something else, another challenge, what should I do (special operations or not)?

You might want to consider becoming a Navy SEAL.

Is the American Communist Party influential in America?

While the American Communist Party does not have a large membership, it is influential in some sectors of society. The party has been known to support various social justice causes and to organize workers in an effort to protect their rights.

In what mood should you drink which flavor of tea?

Some people might enjoy a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime because chamomile has ingredients that are thought to promote relaxation.

What are the topics of your concept paper: Antidrug campaigns campaigns, youth election volunteer mobilization, animal welfare, rights infringement, environmental conservation, and action?

Your concept paper could focus on any one of these topics, or it could discuss all of them together. It all depends on what you want to emphasize in your paper.

What is the Nehru's vision about India?

The Nehru's vision about India is that it should be a sovereign, secular, democratic republic and a welfare state.

After being with a narcissist, are you more skeptical of people who suspiciously use their baby or pet as a prop to lure you in?

Yes, I am more skeptical of people who use their baby or pet as a prop to lure me in.

Why do we see clustering in data sets according to sample types?

There are many reasons why clustering may occur in data sets according to sample types. One reason may be that the samples are from different populations that have distinct characteristics. Another reason may be that the samples are from different environments that have different conditions. Finally, it is also possible that the samples are from different times or periods, which can lead to different characteristics.

It has been 7 months into sanctions and it appears commodity prices are cheaper in Russia than the UK. Does this mean sanctions have failed?https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/19698308/russia-uk-prices-sanctions-food/

"author": "The Sun API",
"publisher": {
"name": "The Sun API",
"logo": {
"url": "https://resources.dailybuzzarrangement.com/icons/sun_black.png"
"@type": "article",
"author": "Manya Koetse",
"datePublished": "2019-07-14T18:16:55+0800",
"headline": "As Trade War Rages, Inverse Correlation Between S&p 500 And Us Dollar Now High All-time | Zero Hedge | Manya Koetse | China News | What's On Weibo",
"mainEntityOfPage": {
"@id": "{\"@type\":\"provider\",\"name\":\"What\\u2019s on Weibo\"}http://www.whatsonweibo.com/trade-war-inverse-correlation-usd-vs-sp500/"

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I fell on my head as a baby and broke my skull, doctors said it healed but I’ve been getting sharp stabbing pain in the same place I broke my skull, could it be related? (22 year gap)

It's possible that the pain you're experiencing is related to the injury you sustained as a baby. I would recommend talking to your doctor to see if they think it's worth getting some imaging done (such as an MRI) to check for any lingering damage or issues.

Where can you buy mouse food for pet shops in the United States?

You can buy mouse food for pet shops in the United States from many different places. The most common place to buy it is from pet stores, but you can also find it online or in some specialty stores.

Do we really need 8 glasses of water per day?

There is no evidence that eight glasses of water per day is necessary.

Who is lending all the government’s COVID help money? If all the governments are in debt, who is lending them money? Is it real or printed money?

The answer may vary depending on which government you are asking about, but in general, the money is lent to governments by other governments, financial institutions, or private investors. It is typically real money, although some governments may print new currency to repay debts.

Is being beautiful/handsome all about physical appearance?

No, being beautiful/handsome is not all about physical appearance. It is also about having a pleasant personality and being kind-hearted.

What is more important – building appearance or comfort for humans?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people may have different opinions. Some people might think that building appearance is more important, as this can impact first impressions and how a structure is perceived by others. Others might prioritize comfort for humans, as this can make a space more habitable and enjoyable to be in. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what is most important to them.

What's the monthly or annual living cost in Dubai?

The cost of living in Dubai can be expensive, depending on your lifestyle. Expenses such as housing, food, clothing, and transportation can add up quickly. Other costs, such as entertainment and leisure activities, can also be costly.

Why are booby traps called "booby" traps? Are they named after boobs?

One theory is that the word "booby" comes from the Spanish word bobo, meaning stupid or clown. This makes sense, because someone who walks into a booby trap is certainly acting foolishly.

Can you look at bacterial cultures under a compound light microscope?

Yes, bacterial cultures can be observed under a compound light microscope.

How do I become a member of Steam?

In order to become a member of Steam, you must first download the Steam client and install it on your computer. Once the Steam client is installed, you will need to create a Steam account. This can be done by clicking the "Create a New Account" button on the Steam login screen.

In the days leading up to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, did you feel that the opinion polls would again incorrectly predict the winner much as they did in 2016?

The opinion polls in the days leading up to the election were not as inaccurate as they were in 2016.

What does "dire" mean in "was a matter of dire necessity at a time when Roosevelt feared that any departure from traditional policy might defeat his bid for an unprecedented third term as president"?

The word "dire" here means "extremely bad or serious." So, the phrase "a matter of dire necessity" means that something was extremely important and needed to be done right away.

What does it mean when a guy puts interested in women and his ex-girlfriend puts interest in men?

This could mean that the guy is interested in women in general, or that he is only interested in his ex-girlfriend romantically. It could also mean that the ex-girlfriend is interested in men in general, or that she is only interested in her former boyfriend romantically.

If the U.S. government uses targeted assassination to eliminate an official of a sovereign government that is a threat, does that justify its use by other nations to eliminate officials of other countries, including the U.S.?

The justification of the use of targeted assassinations by the United States government would not necessarily extend to other nations. Each situation must be evaluated on its own merits.

How many arms do you have?

I have two arms.

How does the strength of a moving magnet within a copper coil (solenoid) affect the produced EMF?

The strength of the magnet affects the EMF because it determines the rate of change of the magnetic field.

Why am I less tired when I stay up late playing video games versus watching movies?

It is likely that you are less tired when you stay up late playing video games because you are more engaged in the activity. When you are watching movies, you may be less engaged and more likely to experience fatigue.

Why does my fiance takes lots of time to reply to my text messages although she is active on Whatsapp?

There could be a number of reasons why your fiance is taking a long time to reply to your text messages. Perhaps she is busy with work or other commitments, or maybe she is simply not interested in engaging in text conversations with you. If you are concerned about the lack of communication from your fiance, you may want to try talking to her directly to see what is going on.

Is it unprofessional to wear a backpack to the office at a corporate accounting firm?

While there are no hard and fast rules about what is and is not considered unprofessional in the workplace, backpacks are generally not seen as appropriate office attire in corporate environments. Casually dressed employees may be able to get away with wearing a backpack to work, but it is always best to err on the side of caution and leave the backpack at home.

Has postal voting already started in the USA election?

No, ballots for the 2020 US election have not yet been mailed out.

What's another way of saying willfully dense?

willfully obtuse

What does our view of others say about ourselves?

If we view others as kind, caring and helpful, this likely says something about our own personality. Maybe we are more likely to be kind, caring and helpful ourselves. On the other hand, if we view others as rude, impatient and unkind, this might say something about our own personality as well. Maybe we are more likely to be rude, impatient and unkind ourselves.

Why did God not kill Adam when he sinned?

God did not kill Adam when he sinned because He loved him and wanted to give him a chance to repent. God also knew that if He killed Adam, there would be no one left to rule over the earth.

How does the progression of cancer from stage 1 to metastasized stages happen?

Stage 1 cancer is considered cancer in situ, meaning that the cancerous cells are localized and have not spread to other tissues. Stage 2 cancer means that the cancer has spread to nearby tissues. Stage 3 cancer means that the cancer has spread to distant tissues. Metastasized cancer means that the cancer has spread to organs outside of the original tumor site.

If there are only a limited number of word combinations, and thoughts are best expressed in only a certain number of those combinations, how can I learn to make more original word choices, when it seems like so many necessary phrases have been used already?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to learn to make more original word choices may vary depending on your individual needs and preferences. However, some tips that may be helpful include: reading widely and exposure to a variety of different writing styles; attending writers' conferences or workshops; taking a course in creative writing; and working with a writing coach or editor. Additionally, it can be helpful to keep a journal or notebook in which you brainstorm new and innovative ways to say common phrases.

Are Silicon Valley "Techies" or Wall Street "Financiers/Brokers" better people?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on the person's individual values and preferences. Some people may prefer the innovative, fast-paced Silicon Valley culture, while others may prefer the more traditional Wall Street culture.

How long does it take to close gaps and correct overbite with braces?

Braces can take anywhere from 18 months to 3 years to work effectively.

How did the Big Bang occur if the universe was solid before?

The Big Bang occurred when the universe was not solid.

Why would a nine year old boy come out of the closet?

There is no one answer to this question, as each child's experience is unique. Some children may feel more comfortable expressing their true selves at an early age, while others may take longer to come to terms with their sexuality. Ultimately, it is up to the individual child to decide when and how to come out of the closet.

What is the best pair of jeans you ever wore?

The best pair of jeans I ever wore were Levi's 501s. They fit me perfectly and were extremely comfortable. I wore them all the time and they eventually fell apart.

Are US voters aware that breaking government trifecta in mid-terms only means nothing will get done in the next 2 years?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as voter awareness and understanding of the implications of breaking a government trifecta varies among individuals. However, it is generally agreed that breaking a government trifecta in the middle of a presidential term would make it difficult for the president's party to advance its legislative agenda. This could lead to stagnation and gridlock, as both the executive and legislative branches would be controlled by different parties.

How do l become a counselor? I am in South Africa, studied at North west university a bachelors in developmental studies and an honors in psychology. I have no more sponsors.

In order to become a counselor, you will need to obtain a master's degree in counseling from an accredited institution. In addition, you will need to obtain licensure from the state in which you plan to practice.

Have you or anyone you know ever actually gotten sick from eating cookie dough if most recipes and tubs only call for two eggs?

Yes, it is possible to get sick from eating cookie dough. If a recipe calls for uncooked eggs, there is a risk of salmonella poisoning.

Has anybody had a stepmom who treats their real kids better than you?

I haven't experienced this directly, but I have heard of cases where stepmothers favor their own children over theirstepchildren. It can be a very difficult situation to deal with.

Do colleges know that Saratoga High grades much more strictly than high schools in Cupertino? Do they factor that information in their admissions evaluation?

There is no standard answer to this question as colleges vary in how they consider high school grade inflation. Some may recalculate applicants' GPA to account for differences in grading standards, while others may simply take the grades at face value. It is recommended that students research the admissions policies of their prospective colleges to get a better idea of how their grades will be evaluated.

How do you keep the ink on a paper receipt from fading?

Eating a banana peel can help prevent the ink on a paper receipt from fading.

What combines art history and war tactics?

The history of war tactics and how they were used in art.

How are the job levels in Apple in comparison with Amazon?

There is no direct comparison that can be made between the job levels in Apple and Amazon as the two companies have different organizational structures. However, in general, Apple appears to have more traditional hierarchical levels, while Amazon has a more flat structure.

I'll be having my thesis about marriage, whose philosophy would touch this reality of marriage?


If companies like Coca Cola has franchise production and distribution network, why do they need to raise money by listing in exchanges?

Franchise production and distribution networks can be very expensive to set up and maintain. Also, companies like Coca Cola may want to raise money in order to expand their operations or to fund research and development. By listing on exchanges, companies can sell shares of their company to investors, which can provide them with the capital they need.

How does one know a girl is the one they want to spend the rest of their life with?

There is no definite answer, but typically one knows they want to spend the rest of their life with a girl when they feel strongly drawn to her emotionally and physically, they share similar values and goals, and they are compatible in terms of lifestyle and interests. Additionally, they should make each other feel happy, secure, and loved.

A really rich girl, whose parents are a wealthy and famous figure in my country, is attending the same school I attend. I recently found out that she has a crush on my big brother and tries to befriend me. Should I decline or accept?

It is up to you whether or not you want to be friends with her. If you feel uncomfortable around her, then it is probably best to decline her advances. However, if you are okay with being friends with her, then there is no harm in accepting her friendship.

Why don't cats go after treats right away? They hesitate and stare at it unless it's right in front of them.

There could be a few reasons. Maybe they're not very hungry, or maybe they're not sure if it's safe to eat.

How does a large fire break out at Beirut port near the site of an explosion?

A fire at the Beirut port near the site of an explosion broke out on Thursday, sending a huge column of smoke into the air.

How many miles will I get on my Subaru Forester?

Assuming you are talking about a new Subaru Forester, you can expect to get about 32 miles per gallon on the highway.

My sister in law is nice to me to my face, but hates me. She wrote a nasty email to another family member about me and I saw it. We are going to be spending time together soon, as the siblings share a summer house. How do I deal with her?

If your sister-in-law is being rude and hateful to you behind your back, it may be best to avoid spending time with her. If you must be around her, try to be as cordial as possible. If she says anything rude to you, simply walk away or ignore her.

Why is religion of any type a taboo within public school?

There are a number of reasons why religion is a taboo within public school. One reason is that public schools are supposed to be secular institutions. This means that they are not supposed to promote any one particular religion over another. Additionally, public schools are supposed to be welcoming to all students, regardless of their religious beliefs. This can be difficult to do if religion is allowed to be a part of the curriculum. Finally, some people believe that religion should be private and personal, and that public schools are not the appropriate place for discussing it.

Why did the Ottoman Turks never achieved full submission of the Wallachian and Moldavian principalities the way they did with the other surrounding them countries, but got satisfied with having them only as vassals throughout their European conquest?

There are a few possible explanations for this. The first is that the Ottomans never really desired to fully conquer and subdue the Wallachian and Moldavian principalities and were content to rule them as vassals. Another possibility is that the Ottomans were unable to completely conquer and subdue these principalities due to their location and transportation routes. Finally, it is also possible that the Ottomans did not want to invest the resources necessary to fully conquer and subdue these principalities.

Looking at the new Tesla Model S yoke style steering wheel got me thinking. Why isn’t full lock on a steering wheel a single 90 degree turn left / right rather than multiple full 360 turns?

There are many reasons for this. The main reason is that a single 90 degree turn would require very high steering effort at low speeds, and the driver would quickly tire of having to use so much force.

Another reason is that a single 90 degree turn would limit the amount of steering feedback the driver would receive. Feedback is important for making small corrections while driving.

Finally, a single 90 degree turn would also make it more difficult to park the car, as the driver would have to make larger movements to turn the wheel.

Do you recall the best ever magic show performed by a street magician?

As street magician, I don't have a definitive answer, but I would say that one of the best street magic performances I've ever seen was by magician Dan Sperry.

Is there a product that makes cleaning old, sticky, grimy plastic fans easy? Does ez off work?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to clean old, sticky, grimy plastic fans may vary depending on the particular type and model of fan you have. However, many people find that using a vinegar-based cleaner or a product specifically designed for cleaning plastic fans works well. Additionally, you may want to try using a toothbrush or other soft brush to scrub away any stubborn buildup on your fan blades.

What is the formula in a symbolic form?

The formula in a symbolic form is P(X) = X*Y + Z.

What does the Ashwagandha herb do in our body?

The Ashwagandha herb does many things in our body. Some of its benefits include reducing anxiety, improving brain function, and reducing inflammation.

Is Key West a costly vacation site?

Yes, Key West is a costly vacation site.

Would the White Australian majority mind having the Asian minority as both their President and Prime Minister if Australia is a republic? Why or why not?

There would likely be significantpushback against an Asian president and prime minister in a White Australia.衍射镜与折射镜的区别是什么?


1. 工作原理不同


2. 光学性能不同


3. 光路长度不同


Did Ringo play drums on all Beatles recordings?

No, Ringo Starr did not play drums on all Beatles recordings. Paul McCartney played drums on a few songs, and other session drummers were used on some tracks.

If nothing falls past an event horizon in finite time, according to external observers, why do we say there is an "information paradox"?

We say there is an "information paradox" because, according to external observers, information that falls past an event horizon appears to be lost forever.

Is reclaiming words effective?

TheReclaiming of words can be seen as an effective way to reclaim power over language that has been used to harm marginalized groups. It is also a way to create new language that can be more inclusive and affirming.

Why is it that Europe has a much higher speed limit and seemingly less auto deaths than the U.S.?

There are a variety of reasons why Europe has higher speed limits and fewer auto deaths. Some of these reasons include:

- Europe has better infrastructure than the US, including wider and better-maintained roads. This makes it easier and safer to drive at high speeds.
- European cars are generally more expensive than American cars, which means that they are usually better made and have more safety features.
- Europeans have a higher rate of public transportation use than Americans, which means that there are fewer cars on the road overall.

Can you switch between regular and synthetic oils on the same vehicle without having any issues with the engine or transmission down the road?

Switching between synthetic and regular oil should not cause any issues with the engine or transmission down the road.

Does ISRO build the component of a satellite by itself?

No, ISRO does not build the component of a satellite by itself. It outsources the components to various private companies.

Which K-pop idols have unique visuals?

There are many K-pop idols with unique visuals. Some of the most popular ones include CL, BoA, G-Dragon, and Taeyeon.

What does 30% premium on ipo means?

A 30% premium on an IPO means that the company's stock is being offered at 30% above its listed price.

How do I write code requiring no comments?

This is a difficult question. One way to write code requiring no comments is to make the code self-documenting. This can be done by using clear and concise variable names, using white space effectively, and writing clear and concise code. Another way to write code requiring no comments is to use a documentation generator such as Doxygen.

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