Teen Reviews for Life to the Max

July 31st, 2009 by Max

We have gotten some excellent reviews of our book, Life to the Max: Maxims for a Great Life by a Dog named Max, by parents, librarians, and of course, dog lovers. But some of my favorites are those we’ve received from kids. Here is one from 14-yeard-old, Kate Burney who suggests that it is a great summertime reading:

“Life To The Max is a wonderful book for teenagers to read over the summer, because it combines a clever writing style, touching proverbs and a cute dog all in one book. I would read Max over the summer, not only because it’s short, but also because it shares important life lessons, like “When bad things happen, worrying won’t change anything. Trust you’ll get through it.” Life To The Max looks like a children’s book, but is truly a story every teenager should read.”

So parents, even though summer vacation may be ending soon, there’s still time for your kids to read a book because as Kate points out, “it’s short.”

Just to prove we are in a new social media world, here is another quick review that Life to the Max illustrator, Terry Rohrs, got from her 16 year old niece via a Facebook chat:

12:28pm Terry
Hey Sydney, did you ever read the book about Max that I gave you?

12:30pm Sydney
i finished that book a while ago and then i let my friend read it so she could tell me what she thought

12:32pm Sydney
we both really liked it

12:34pm Sydney
we think that it would be good for elementary school students

12:43pm Terry
Excellent Sydney. Did you cry? Do you think the kids will find it too sad?

12:43pm Sydney
it was sad but i think it will be okay

12:44pm Sydney
especially the higher level kids i remember when i was in sage and a bunch of the kids cried when they read but they were okay with it you know?

12:45pm Terry
gotcha, smart kids understand what “bittersweet” means! ;-) Love that you did this for me!!

12:47pm Sydney
no problem it was a good book
i think even little kids could read it with their parents

Thanks to Kate and Sydney for the great reviews.  If you know any other kids who have read our book and would like to share a review, please have them send it to max@nicecreative.com.  Please have them include their ages and where they’re from.

Love Life to the Max!

April 13th, 2008 by Robin Reynolds

By Lynn Swanson (Pentwater, MI)

A fabulous book from a dog’s perspective on living “Life to the Max.” I laughed, cried and was overwhelmed with joy after reading this book. Max could be any type of dog from a purebred to pound-hound or a puppy to an elderly friend. The author, Robin Reynolds, tells Max’s stories through his eyes and she didn’t miss a heartfelt moment. I highly recommend this book not only to dog lovers, but lovers of life.

A Fan Letter for MAX and his Author

March 13th, 2008 by Robin Reynolds

By Rita Robinson Brown “Rita the reader” (Tucson, AZ)

Max’s story is dear to me because I have two Airedale Terriers, and the author captures the unique, energetic, playful personality of the breed. But Max’s story is not just a bit of fluff: Max’s ideas about how to live well are very helpful to the “uprights,” human beings who own them. I highly recommend the book for Airedale Terriers and their owners.

A Book to Treasure

March 5th, 2008 by Robin Reynolds

By Joan Waters (Tempe, AZ)

I enjoyed this book on so many levels…its humor, compassion and warmth would appeal to a wide audience of humans. And of course for dog lovers. I gave it to a friend who has enjoyed sharing it with her family. As an artist, I especially liked the colorful photos and graphics which added to the story.

Lovely Story

February 20th, 2008 by Robin Reynolds

By Mike and Joyce Fazekas (Phoenix, AZ)

I loved this book. This story was humorous, heartwarming, and touching. Anyone who has loved a pet, will relate to this tale as told from Max’s perspective.

Love the graphics

February 18th, 2008 by Robin Reynolds

By Susan Lindberg (Chandler, AZ)

What a wonderful, positive and heart-warming book told from the family dog’s perspective. The author did a super job of relaying the incidents true to the objective. The graphics and pictures made it come to life. Definitely a book to refer back to from time to time. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves animals — I have given it to 4 people already!

Charming and Heartwarming

February 18th, 2008 by Robin Reynolds

By Mark F. Wright (Mesa, AZ USA)

This is really a terrific book. Told from the perspective of a beloved family pet, the book will provide insights into that special relationship between a dog and his human family. If you love a dog, you’ll love this book.