Christmas Morning Not a Creature Was Stirring Except…

December 29th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

On Christmas morning this year, we had a teenager home from college and my 93-year-old mother staying with us. So besides my husband and me, the only creatures who were stirring were our two Aire-kids, Amber & Krissy. Amber knew from the moment we hung the empty stockings over the fireplace weeks before which sock was hers and she knew that soon it would be filled with all kinds of delectable treats.

Amber, the Airedale Terrier, waiting for her Christmas stocking

She let us know frequently that her patience was wearing thin.

Krissy, our Airedale rescue, tries to get her presents early

Krissy knew that before “Santa” arrived, Mom stashed the stuff in her closet and she paced outside of it, pressing her nose against the mirrored door, whining and complaining.

Barricading the Christmas stockings from Airedale intruders

Once the stockings were filled, my husband I had to barricade the fireplace to keep the kids from tearing into the stockings too soon.  This was met with a fair amount of indignant disbelief!

Just as the clock was inching toward noon, the still-groggy freshman and slow-moving senior finally emerged from their slumber, Amber and Krissy knew the festivities were about to begin.  But then they sat down to have breakfast!

Our Airedale Krissy is tempted by squishy Chrstmas decorations

After an interminable amount of time, the moment arrived and the stockings were presented. Amber couldn’t wait to see what was inside…

Our dog buries her nose in her Christmas stocking

Krissy wanted to see too!

Our Airedale gets a bone from her Christmas stocking and other dog is interested

But she finally settled down to blissfully enjoy her own bounty.

Our Airedale rescue tkaes a bite of her present

Then it was off to play with some of their new toys!

Our Airedales are off to play with their new toys

From watching our dogs, I am reminded that it is the simplest pleasures that often inspire the greatest joys. I wish for all of you in 2011, the simple pleasure of good health, good laughs, and good friends and family. Enjoy each moment and remember to live “Life to the MAX!” Happy New Year!

Life to the Max Hanukkah Celebration Ends Tonight

December 8th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

It’s been fun playing with the dogs during the last eight nights.  If you were celebrating Hanukkah, we hope you had nights of warm gatherings and quiet introspection.  As we close this portion of our online celebration, we want to leave you with this thought:

Love shines like a light in the darkness

and darkness cannot overcome it.

We are called to share our light through acts of love.

As each candle gives its flame to the other,

see how its own light increases.

A candle is a small thing,

but together we can light the world.

A Dog’s Hanukkah Lament

December 8th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

Krissy really wants to light the menorah, but she just doesn’t have the opposable thumbs to strike the matches.

Cheer her up with a holiday greeting and you could win a Life to the Max bandana. Share your greetings here or on our Life to the Max Gift Book page on Facebook.

You Have Sufganiyot on Your Nose!

December 7th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

Oh, those delicious little jelly doughnuts–Sufganiyot–are so delicious during Hanukkah! But you can’t just sneak some because the powdered-sugar will give you away every time!

Tell us what your favorite treats are during the holidays and you could win a recipe card and dog bone cookie cutter for Max’s AHH-mmmm Morsels.  Yummy!  Hope you’re living “Life to the MAX” and enjoying the sweetness of the season!  Blessings!

It’s a Life to the Max Sing-Off!

December 5th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

I don’t know who is more off-key–the dogs or my husband?

Tell us about your favorite holiday song, who sings it best in your household and you could win a FREE Max’s AH-mmm Recipe Card & Dog Bone Cookie Cutter!  Howl-ever you celebrate the holidays, sing loud!

Life to the Max Celebrates Thanksgiving with a Free Shipping Offer in Max’s Store

November 24th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

The Life to the Max message has always been about love, gratitude and maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of unexpected life changes. At this time of Thanksgiving and when many families are struggling with the impact of the depressed economy, the time for this message couldn’t be more right.

We are so grateful to our fans for making our little book a success and for sharing a part of your journey with us. To thank you for your loyalty and to make your gift-giving a little easier, this Thanksgiving weekend-Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday-we are offering Free Standard Shipping on orders of $40 or more in Max’s Store. Buy a Gift Pack and an extra bandana and your order will ship free. Or buy 2 books and a pet tag and your order will ship free. Any way you put it together, if it totals $40 or more, you’ll get free shipping.

From Max and me, from Terry and Percilla and from Amber and Krissy, we wish you many blessings this Thanksgiving. May it be filled with love, laughter and loads of fun!

Make a Date to Buy Your Airedale Terrier Rescue Calendar!

November 17th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

One of the animal rescue organizations that we support with our sales in Max’s Store is Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue.  Anyone who has worked with Sidney, Rose or any of the other dedicated volunteers knows just how hard this group works to ensure that every rescued Airedale gets a loving home.

We are so grateful to them for placing Krissy with us. She is such an affectionate, playful and happy girl, and she has helped our now empty nest seem not so empty.

To help raise funds for their efforts again this year, SWAT has created a 2011 Engagement Calendar that is packed with stories and pictures of Airedales adopted through the hard work of the volunteers who network throughout the southwestern United States.

Krissy is not featured in the calendar (not that she isn’t pin-up material; I just didn’t get around to submitting anything) and we get no fees for promoting this.  We just think this group and this project are definitely worth supporting and these calendars will be treasured by anyone who receives one.  Don’t wait because these calendars are bound to sell out quick.  Go to order your copy today!

And speaking of great holiday gift items, check out our Life to the Max holiday cards in Max’s Storethey’re now 50% off!