Life to the MAX is going to France!

October 27th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

We are très excited to announce that we have just signed a deal with Mariposa Press to handle distribution of our book throughout France. With the publication of the Mariposa Press Fall/Winter children’s catalogue, they will be introducing and distributing Life to the Max to English-language bookstores and bookstores with large English language sections. In addition, they will represent our title at the France’s main book expo, Salon des Livres and France’s children’s book fair, Salon du Livre et de la Presse Jeunesse.

According to Mariposa Press President, Laurie Blum Guest, dog titles do very well In France. “The French, it seems, often love their dogs, more than their spouses;” said Guest.

In addition Ms Guest told us that the French government recently decreed that all French schoolchildren must learn English. “Therefore, there is an urgent need for English-language children and young adult books,” she said.

Mariposa represents publishers and authors such as Jane Fonda’s company, Tinwood Press, Wally Amos (Famous Amos cookies), Maribeth Clemente’s books at St. Martin’s Press, “fatale” from Bridgewood Press–a best-selling title at Bretano’s in Paris for which Mariposa has also sold French language rights. In addition, Mariposa has published two new children’s titles under their Mariposa imprint, “A Ladybug Adventure” and a YA novel, “A Summer Lost.”

Mariposa Press has been in business for more 29 years. Prior to taking over as its President, Ms. Guest, worked as both a book packager and editor with industry leaders such as Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster, and Henry Holt. Ms. Guest has more than 63 titles to her credit and has sold millions of copies of her books.

We are thrilled to be chosen to join such elite company and touch the lives of French schoolchildren with our story! C’est magnifique!

Life to the MAX featured on Philadelphia TV

October 20th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

As some of you know, this summer our book won the Parent-Tested, Parent-Approved Seal of Approval from PTPA Media.

Recently Life to the Max was featured on the 10! show in Philadelphia along with other PTPA winners.  If you want to see video from the show, you can watch it at the following link:

Life to the Max on on the NBC 10! show in Philadelphia

It seems appropriate that Max would be featured in the city of brotherly love since that was the underpinning of his personality. Did we have any fans in Philly who saw this clip?

Life to the Max: Back on the Aire!

October 13th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

It’s been a while since I wrote my blog and I apologize to my faithful followers for my absence. Like most of you, I have had a lot on my mind and by the time I left for a short vacation this summer, I was simply exhausted by trying to do too much in too little time. I needed some time to decide what ideas I was going to pursue and which projects I would need to let go.

As I have in the past, I looked to my dogs for inspiration. In their world, their priorities are simple, driven by single-minded needs: “Let’s play!” “Give me a belly rub!” “Feed me!” They are not preoccupied by complex emotions, family dynamics or office politics. Their purpose is pure and singular.  Still, they too have their occasional distractions—“Squirrel!”—but they are quick to refocus on their original intent. Of course, we humans will always experience more drama in our lives. It is simply our nature. But if we follow the wisdom that comes from the end of the leash, we also will realize that whatever challenges we are facing at the moment are just a “Squirrel!” and we can either choose to get caught up in analyzing the chase or simply let it pass and then return to what really gives our lives joy and meaning.

Besides my family, what gives me joy and meaning is when I can help others celebrate life’s everyday moments, promote healthy grieving and help animal rescue. The way I have done that is through the creation of my book Life to the Max: Maxims for a Great Life by a Dog named Max.

Since we launched our book at the end of 2007, we have been trying to raise awareness and funds for animal rescue and in particular, Airedale Terrier rescue. We donate 25% of our sales on our website to help rescue and we have done well.  But because we are small, we have had an uphill battle for awareness and distribution. What’s more, I’ve come to understand that in the book industry, a book has the life of a gnat and it is totally up to the author to keep its promotion alive.

That’s why this holiday season we are rolling out a national advertising campaign; rededicating ourselves to be more active in social media and holding more contests for some great prizes on our blog. But we need your help. If you have read and enjoyed our book and want to help animal rescue, please join the fun on our blog, retweet our posts and/or send emails to your family and friends to let them know about Max’s Store.  The more books we sell, the more we promote healthy grieving and the more we help rescue. I know it will take some of your time and we all have “Squirrels!” to interrupt our lives, but the other thing I’ve learned from my dogs is they don’t do it alone. They need us to throw the ball. They depend on us to fill their water bowls. And they want us to find that perfect place to scratch that makes them bicycle their legs. We know you’re busy and we’re wagging our tails in appreciation. Now here’s the ball, let’s have some fun. Go fetch!