Life to the Max Pose of the Week: Canadian Aire Hockey Fans

February 24th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

This week in the spirit of the Olympics, Canadian resident Stephanie MacNeill submitted this photo of her two hockey fans–Maggie and Groovy!

It’s all in the spirit of the Games!  Congratulations to Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir for a flawless ice dancing performance, to USA Hockey for getting to the quarterfinals and to Maggie and Groovy for being the best Aire hockey fans in all of Canada!

Life to the Max Pose of the Week: Crazy Aire-Head!

February 17th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

This week’s Life to the Max Pose of the Week comes from Lin Harnett of her Airedale Terrier, Delta. The things that amuse us humans must be rather confusing to our dogs and perhaps, they think they are imagining things!

Delta, you are a crazy Aire-head–like some sort of psychedelic lion!  Congratulations to Delta for her superb patience with us all. Your Life to the MAX book is on its way to you and your mom.

What crazy things are you up to with your dog? Send us your funny dog photos and you could win a copy of our award-winning book!

Life to the Max Pose of the Week: Groovy Pacifier!

February 10th, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

When I first saw this picture of her Steph’s Airedale, Groovy, I was reminded of how our first Airedale, Bernie, used to pick ornaments off the Christmas tree. We would always know something was up when we saw her, head down, headed toward the doggy door.  Once confronted, with the evidence hanging from her lips, she would give us the same sort of “What’s wrong?” look that Groovy has here.

Just have to say it, “That’s a Groovy pacifier you have there!”  Congratulations to Steph and Groovy for submitting this week’s Pose of the Week.  Your book is on its way! If you’d like to win a free autographed copy of our book, send us your funny dog photos!

Life to the Max Pose of the Week: Adorable Baby Drool

February 3rd, 2010 by Robin Reynolds

This week’s Pose of the Week dribbled in from Amanda Maurer.  When I saw this picture of her Airedale puppy, Izzy, it made me think of when my son was a baby. He got his first tooth at four months (even though my pediatrician swore that it was impossible) and the amount of drool that would stretch from his little mouth to the floor was quite impressive.  This made me imagine …

Of course, in Izzy’s case, her dribble drool simply comes from a long drink of water. Good thing she has a beard to use as a napkin!

Great photo, Amanda and Izzy!  Your autographed Life to the Max book is on its way!  Look for more great photos still to come and be sure to submit your own funny photos for your chance to win one of our books.

As Max would say, have a GREAT day!