Life to the Max Poses of the Week: Oh Boy, Oh Boy! A New Toy!

September 30th, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

A few weeks ago, I met Peta Love, another dog lover and author of Beef Casserole for a Dog’s Soul on Twitter.  After striking up a friendship through our exchanges, I suggested that we trade books. To my delight, I found that my new friend resides in Scotland and her charming Beef Casserole book is quite the tasty treat!

During one of our subsequent emails, she mentioned that she was knitting a piggy lovey for my Airedale, Amber.  “A piggy,” I thought to myself, “Is that some sort of Scottish colloquialism for “booties” or “hat?”  Well, as they say, better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt, so I waited for the package to arrive which it did yesterday and it was–a PIGGY!  A purple piggy that had been beautifully knitted and stuffed with all natural, pure wool.  It was so soft, so lovely, so perfect–OH NO! It is going to die a horrible death!! Not knowing for sure that this was going to be a stuffed animal, I had not told sweet Peta that Amber would unknit and unstuff that pig in a matter of minutes.  But there was no keeping it from her. She sniffed it the minute she bounded into my office.

Amber can no longer talk or think. She is determined to get rid of that pig's ear!

She has some leverage now!
Now she uses both paws to hold it down!
Now for the great unstuffing!
Oh-oh! Krissy’s jealous!
Oh the humanity! Oh the horror! The entrails are everywhere!!

Well, Amber really did love her little piggy–even though its guts are now all over the floor. But remember it’s the thought that counts!

Life to Max Pose of the Week: Amber is Waiting for Greenies!

September 23rd, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

Amber has a ritual. Every night before she gets her regular food, she sits by the kitchen cabinet and waits for her Greenie. If you do not give it to her quickly enough, she will “show” you by continuing to nudge the front of the cabinet door with her nose.  Alas! Last night, we discovered we were out of Greenies.  OH, THE HORROR!  No matter how much she nudged the door, the Greenies just did NOT appear.  I took this picture because she was looking quite annoyed and I finally had to make a special trip to the store just to get her to stop nudging the door.  Ah, ther persistance of Airedales and how well they train us!

Seriously spiritual, surprisingly funny

September 20th, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

Loved this enchanting, award-winning book. Any reader, dog lover or not, is sure to fall under its heart-warming and life-affirming spell from the very first Maxim.

Life to the Max is completely unique and for this alone it is laudable. At first glance it seems like a fun, entertaining read; a delightful picture book for adults. It certainly is all those marvelous things. But amazingly, it’s also a powerful story about family, love and life.

I intended to read Life to the Max quietly on my own as a special treat. But when my six-year old daughter caught sight of it she asked me to read it to her at bedtime. We read it over several nights and it turned out to be a sublime experience for both of us.

My little girl would nod seriously and say “uh-huh, uh-huh” along with each spiritually enlightened Maxim in a curiously knowledgeable way! Sure enough, the Maxims really are truisms for a life well-lived. We laughed-out-loud together; giggled with delight — and yes, at one point I was moved to tears.

What a joy this book is. I hope children as well as adults have the opportunity to read its positive message. Life to the Max is a gift book in the very real sense of the word “gift”; a blessing for anyone of any age to receive.

The alchemy of beautiful story, gorgeous design and wise spiritual counsel make it an extraordinarily inspirational, magical book.

By F. Kennedy
Author, dog mom, book reviewer

A Life Well Lived

September 18th, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

“Treasure the people who can see you for who you really are.” ~ Maxim #3

“Life to the Max” is a loving story about a dog named Max. The story is told from his perspective so it is filled with humor and love. For half the book I had a grin on my face and even laughed out loud. The second half of the book deals with the realities of aging and yet even the ending was filled with adventure and fun because Max is reunited with one of his doggie friends. This book would be perfect for anyone who has lost a dog to illness and is trying to understand why this has happened to them. As Robin Reynolds tells the story (told to her by Max) she also includes maxims that are easy to remember. I think you will love this book, especially if you are a pet owner. ~ The Rebecca Review

By Rebecca Johnson “” (Washington State)

A Dear & Honest Story for Lovers of Life & Dog Lovers

September 18th, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

This dear and honest story is for the lovers of life and dog lovers. From my point of view as a psychotherapist, Life to the Max is also a must-have for those working with wondering children, clarifying adolescents and evolving adults. It speaks to life’s inevitable transitions, challenges and celebrations. Max is a reminder of what dogs do best and we all seek…to be in the moment. I highly recommend this tender book for those looking to maximize their lives and relationships.

By Linda Kreisel, M.A. CPC (Phoenix, AZ)

Life to the Max Pose of the Week: Krissy Skirts the Issue

September 16th, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

Both Krissy and Amber love to rub against things and to get their hindquarters rubbed or scratched. Krissy especially loves to push through my legs in order to get a good massage. When I’m wearing a skirt, this leads to some hilarious hide-and-seek images.

Life to the Max Pose of the Week: Amber Gets Ready for a Walk

September 9th, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

Amber and Krissy are always ready for a walk.  Just to prove the point, Amber will run to get her leash and then try to “put it on” herself!  The results are often hilarious!