Surviving the Lumps of Life

May 24th, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

The lump was about the size of a marble.  She had rolled on her back for her usual belly rub; a sign of her utter trust, security and happiness. There among the curly tufts, the hard, round lump reared its ugly head on her sternum.  My husband and I looked at each other and without a word, we knew that we were both thinking of Max.

He had been the same age as Amber is now when our groomer discovered the lump on his paw and once the lump was removed, it was not over.  When it was determined to be cancer, there was chemotherapy, more surgery and after effects.  Even though Max never acted like he had a bad day in his life, this was the beginning of a gradual decline over which we had no control.

Amber resting after surgery

Amber resting after surgery

I took Amber to the vet the next day and the day after she underwent surgery. We won’t know the results of the pathology report for 5 days and since there’s a holiday weekend in there, we probably won’t know for more than week.   The wait is hard, but the lump is gone from her chest.  Now it’s in my throat.

2 Responses to “Surviving the Lumps of Life”

  1. TerryR says:

    Amber couldn’t have a better team on her side. We are all sending a big head scratch and belly rub (when it’s healed!) to our official Agency Greeter! ~ Terry, Steve and Tater Tot.

  2. Joyce Miller says:


    Holding Amber in the light of love and healing, knowing she is going forward expressing life perfectly. Hugs to both of you and to your family, Joyce (along with Hannah, Neisha, and Kate)