Dog Poisonings in Mesa Remind Owners to Take the Lead

March 13th, 2009 by Robin Reynolds

It makes me sick to think that there is some creep out there who is placing strychnine-laced hamburger along the canal where owners frequently walk their dogs.   These attacks started last November and several dogs have been seriously sickened and at least, one has died.  As much as I really hope they catch this sicko, it is also a cautionary tale of why owners need to keep their dogs on a leash and to work with them to only eat something on the ground when told it’s okay.  I know getting dogs to only eat on command takes a lot of wok, but with what’s going on here, we pet parents/owners really need to take the lead.  According to a recent article in the Arizona Republic, if you have any information regarding the poisonings, you can contact Mesa Animal Control at 480-644-2268 and to find information on these poisonings, go online to

One Response to “Dog Poisonings in Mesa Remind Owners to Take the Lead”

  1. Terry says:

    Regrettably , this is why there’s a leash law. It helps to protect us all. I know how fun it is to watch as your dog is set free to run and play, but unless he’s in his own backyard or a dog park, he’s just not really safe off-lead.

    Of course, I also see this as a good reason to watch what your children put in their mouths, too!! Be careful–Keep them all in sight.