Aire-Kisses & Get Well Wishes to Bogart Handsome Devil’s Dad

February 25th, 2009 by Max

Last week, we got word that Bogart Handsome Devil’s dad was very ill and in intensive care.  This must be a very confusing and scary time for the whole family and all of us here would like to add our wishes for a miracle in healing.

You know as dogs, we really don’t want much in life–we just want our owners to come home each day, scratch us behind the ears, give us our food and take us on our walkies.  We really hope that Klaus will be back to taking Bogart out for his walkie again soon.

To Lulu, Bogart and Klaus, as you go through this, remember my Maxim #4:  “Even after the worst experiences, the best things can happen.”  With all the love, prayers and healing light that are being sent to you each day, we hope you’ll keep the faith that miracles DO happen every day.

If any of you would like to add your good wishes for Klaus, Lulu and Bogart, please visit “To Aire is Devine.”