Life to the MAX: AAAAH-MMMMM! It’s a Job, But Somebody’s Got to Do It!

September 30th, 2008 by Amber

My big brother, Max, taught me a lot about life: how to enjoy the little things like finding the perfect spot for a nap, how to surf the counter for treats and how good it feels to always greet people with keen interest. It was all part of his philosophy of living Life to the MAX and now I’m passing on the skill at work.

Every day, my mom takes my sister, Krissy and me with her to NICE Creative. There are feather beds in my mom’s office and treats in the kitchen, but it’s not all about lounging and eating all day. Krissy and I have very important jobs.

Krissy is Head of Security and she is often seen lying by the door with her head propped on the window ledge. Should any stranger approach the door, she barks out a sharp warning. She’s just a runt, but she has all the bravado of a Rottweiler. Still to tell the truth, she’s all bark and no bite.

As the Chief Wiggler, I head up agency greetings. Whether you’re a CEO or the UPS guy, I’ll give you the same enthusiastic attention. I’m happy to see you no matter who you are!

Krissy and I have other important responsibilities as well. We provide the staff with opportunities to exercise (we’re always up for a walk especially with Danessy because she actually runs with us, as opposed to our dad, who thinks he’s running, but we’re just walking fast!).

We also provide a fair amount of comic relief-sometimes it’s because we get into a little mischief and sometimes, it’s because we just like to play. (Krissy, I found a paper clip. Let’s flip it around, but don’t let mom see!)

Moreover, we bestow no small amount of calm when things get crazy. Anybody who feels stressed can pop into our mom’s office and pat our tummies while we sleep on backs with our legs up in the air. AAAAAAHHHH-MMMMMM. Just like Max. You can’t stay tense after that!

I know I have some big paws to fill, but I really think we can learn a little something from Max like just slowing down and enjoying some of the simple things. So the next time, someone tells you you’re dogging it at work, just tell them, “No, I’m just living Life to the MAX!”

Puppy Mills Make Me Mad to the MAX!

September 23rd, 2008 by Max

In today’s Arizona Republic, there was a story about local Valley volunteers who rescued 89 puppies from a puppy mill in Missouri. It made me sad that this country does not regulate this horrible practice, but also glad that there volunteers like Joey Penniston and Caron Lorber who were willing to drive more than 24 hours to rescue these puppies from certain death..

If you don’t know why puppy mills are so bad, let me tell you about the conditions under which these dogs live and often die. It is not unusual to find up to 1,000 dogs crammed into these commercial breeding facilities. In this environment, these animals are routinely neglected, abused–physically and emotionally–and do not receive vet care even when ill or injured.

In the puppy mill world, dogs are considered livestock and many are brutally killed just because they lack the desired physical characteristics or because they can’t breed. The rest are sold to brokers who sell them to pet stores and if the pet stores don’t buy them, they are put up for auction. If they are not bought at auction, they are euthanized.

Buying puppies at pet stores perpetuates this horrific cycle, so the next time you are tempted by a furry face in the window, remember that demand perpetuates supply and many more innocent puppy lives will be lost in order to replace the “inventory.”

Because of today’s bad economy though, shelters and animal rescue groups have no lack of “inventory.” So if you’re thinking of adding a fur friend to your family, go to a shelter or apply at a rescue. That’s what my family did and I will always be grateful to them! Also, I just happen to know that right now there are at least 89 little furkids who are looking for forever families.

For more information, check out the Republic article for the rescue organizations that are handling the adoptions of these puppies.

Next Life to the Max Booksigning at Border’s Mill Ave., 11 am, Saturday, October 4

September 11th, 2008 by Robin Reynolds

If you missed the first booksigning event at Changing Hands, now you will have another chance to see what everyone is howling about. Did you know that Educators’ Appreciation Weekend is coming up? Borders stores nationwide will honor local educators for their commitment to spreading knowledge and encouraging life-long learning during Educator Appreciation Weekend, Friday-Sunday, October 3-5.

In honor of Educators’ Appreciation Weekend, I will be speaking at Borders Bookstore on Mill Avenue on Saturday, October 4th at 11:00am about one of my family’s most treasured teachers–my Airedale Terrier, Max!

Find how Max taught my family how to live each day from the heart and why we should honor all of life’s teachers–even if it’s the one at the end of the leash. I will be sharing some of my favorite “Max tales”–stories about living life to the fullest from my book Life to the Max. Once again, book purchasers will receive a free silver/pewter pet tag that says “Live Life to the Max” and ten percent of the book price will be donated to Airedale Rescue.

The event would not be complete without Max’s sisters, Amber and Krissy, beside me, behaving wonderfully (fingers crossed!), as I speak about the many things I have learned from the “pet teachers” in my life. This will be an event you and your family will not want miss! Hope to see you at Borders, 699 South Mill Avenue Tempe, AZ 85281 on Saturday, October 4th at 11:00am!

As told from a dog’s point of view!

September 3rd, 2008 by Robin Reynolds

This book is a breath of fresh air. This book, which looks like a child’s picture book is a story told by Max, an Airedale Terrier about his life and the wisdom his family gains from him. If dogs could talk, this is what they would say! Max shares his feelings about his daily life and situations such as the art of relaxing and why dogs, might take a while circling to get the “best” and most relaxing spot, or about how much each small trip or gesture is truly enjoyed and appreciated by a dog. Max brings simplicity back to the front of our minds, and reminds us of the things we take for granted. A book for the whole family! The photo’s are just beautiful!

By Michelle Dunn
Columnist, author, credit expert, marketing guru