Robin Reynolds




About Robin Reynolds

Robin Reynolds is a 25-year writing professional whose credentials include award-winning advertising copywriting for broadcast, print and Web media; writing a series of stories for a line of stuffed animals she created and writing comedy monologues for Yakov Smirnoff. She has a deep affection for dogs, and especially Airedale Terriers, which have been a part of her life since she was a child. Along with her friend and graphic design partner, Terry Rohrs, she created NICE Creative, a marketing and advertising creative services company which provides strategy, branding, graphic design, copywriting and Web development for a number of corporate, consumer, retail, B2B and public service clients.

About Max

Adopted at seven months old with the help of Airedale Rescue, Max began his teaching career at a very early age and was soon recognized by his forever family as prodigious sage. Though Max now lives at the Rainbow Bridge, with help from mom, Robin Reynolds, and little sisters, Amber and Krissy, he continues to share his wisdom, humor and enthusiasm for living Life to the Max!



Robin & Terry

Terry Rohrs and Robin enjoy a NICE bit of humor. To learn more about NICE Creative, visit or join our community and add your comments at